By now I would expect that the other South Floridians out there have heard the big secret out there that it’s now…dramatic background music…hitting the crescendo…wait one more beat…now let it out…it’s Hurricane Season! Generally speaking, Hurricane Season occurs between June 1st and November 30th, but as well know, Mother Nature doesn’t always cooperate when it comes to strict windows of time and thus comes the realization that we need to be prepared at virtually anytime and anywhere.

So I have run across a product that offers something quite unique when it comes to being prepared against weather, in this case it’s for protecting against water as this product  can help businesses as well as residences and has multiple use cases as part of its specialized design. What we are talking about are “Sandless” Sandbags, which are much like their cousins made out of sand, but in this case these products are made from a very light fabric and literally weigh just a few ounces until they come in contact with water and “Bam” (or use your own sound effect) these items start absorbing water at ridiculous rates and form a barrier much like a traditional sandbag.

Basically what you need to understand is that these products start at the ultra-light weight and have the capability to absorb about 5.5 gallons of water, which at capacity weighs about 45 pounds so by stacking multiple layers of these bags together, you get the same effect as other sandbags without having to order significant quantities of sand and the water itself causes the bag to expand and become rigid, thus forming a barrier to prevent further flooding.

This becomes a much better alternative to Emergency Managers, First Responders, Hospitals, Government Facilities and of course Data Centers, where all of those gadgets are housed that can’t afford to get wet. These can be easily placed in areas where potential flooding can be expected and have them laid out in a matter of minutes in preparation for water to arrive and help keep the area as dry as possible.

Since this is such an easy product to deploy, this is not limited to businesses but also to you the general consumer as the home uses are also nearly endless as well. Yes we all hate when the sink leaks, the washing machine spews water and I won’t mention the object in the bathroom that decides to overflow (we’ll leave it there) and the mad scramble for towels, sponges and anything else that will absorb water to stop the spreading. Well now in this case you could utilize your “Sandless” Sandbag immediately to start absorbing the water and once the incident is finished, take the bag outside to let it drain and trash it when you are done. According the document attached, this is for a single use and frankly you don’t want to keep this around too long after it’s wet so it doesn’t spread germs collected by the bag, which will last 5 years in storage before it is used.

Needless to say that the “Sandless” Sandbag is the ultimate game-changer when it comes to protecting your commercial or residential property against  flooding and I would highly recommend evaluating the product to see if this would meet your needs. For additional information including ordering the product, please visit (see Sandless Sandbag Video on the website) or contact or call her at 786-356-6047.

I’m including a document as well as some pictures supplied by Amalia below to further demonstrate the viability for Sandless Sandbags for your office or home.

Lets be safe out there this Hurricane Season!

Download Information on Sandless Sandbags:

LatamXport Sandless Sandbags


Pictures of Sandless Sandbags (Top Left – In Dry Storage Bag, Varying Uses in Remaining Pictures)




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Are You Ready for The New Weather Technology?

For those Floridians that have not been following the latest weather reports (how could you have not noticed the deluge of rain over the past week or so), we are now officially in Hurricane Season. As part of and the SE FL Chapter (there is that Florida reference again) of the Association of Continuity Professionals, we had the privilege of having the National Weather Center (NWS) present to us the latest in weather technology that helps NWS and NOAA predict the direction of hurricanes as well as provide better ideas as to when these storms will make land and watch for storm surge.

What will also make this even more interesting is that the NWS is making this technology tools available on their website so that we will have access to this information at our fingertips as well. The NWS can now estimate a reasonable worst-case scenario (with a 10% chance of those predictions being exceeded at any individual location. The use of this information was invaluable last October when Hurricane Matthew headed towards South Florida and barely missed us but did significant damage to Northern Florida, Coastal Georgia and the Carolinas and I’ll show the metrics on Matthew a bit further down this page.

Key Points about Hurricane Season 2017

  • 42 Hurricane Eye Center’s have passed within 65 miles of Ft. Lauderdale since 1865
  • 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook – By Category (Not a Projection)
    • Named Storms 11-17
    • Hurricanes 5-9
    • Major Hurricanes 2-4

Additional Key Points about Hurricane Matthew and how close it came to impacting South Florida

  • Hurricane Matthew Key Metrics (October 2016)
    • Center of Matthew passed 60 miles east of West Palm Beach
    • Sustained hurricane force winds only 10 miles east of West Palm Beach and 60 miles east of Miami
    • Decision to issue Hurricane Warning was made 36 hours in advance
  • Storm Surge – Wind Pushing Water
    • Storm Surge is Produced by Water Being Pushed Toward the Shore by Storm Winds
    • #1 Cause of Deaths in Hurricanes

Finally the NWS has announced a program that and myself has joined, called the Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador Initiative. The purpose of the program is to have WRN Ambassadors serve as change agents and leaders in their community.  They will inspire others to be better informed and prepared, thus helping to minimize, mitigate, or avoid the impacts of natural disasters. It is very easy to apply to become a WRN Ambassador, which will provide you access to tool-kits of information that you can share (which I’m obviously doing here via this blog) with your organization, community along with friends and family to ensure that we are “Weather-Ready”!

To Sign Up to be a Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador:

Now is a great time to sign up with all of the links on this page so we can be alerted and be ready should a storm be identified by the NWS but let’s not wait for that to occur and let’s get our initial preparations started today by becoming a Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador. Please don’t hesitate to contact myself at our team at if we can be of any assistance. Thanks Future WRN Ambassors!

Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador

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Dusting Off My CBRM and ACP Certifications

As most of you know, I have joined as a Business Alliance Manager helping drive Business Development with our clients as well as within our Channel Partner organization. That being said, I get to dust off (or renew) some old terminology that I haven’t used in a while:

CBRM – Certified Business Resiliency Manager

ACP – Association of Continuity Professional Certification (Certificate Below)

In truth these designations allow me to simply ask “What if…” in terms of “If” an incident occurs, what plans have you made to handle the issue and what is your next course of action to restore your business operations to partial and full-capacity? To take the term “incident” down to its lowest common denominator, let’s then define that as anything that “Disrupts” your business or impairs your operation, which can be any combination of Systems/Production/Power-Utility/Operations failure or what we are now hearing on all too frequent basis, Cyber-Terrorism. Terms such as Breaches, Hacks and Ransomware are now commonplace and are being directed by organizations that in many cases are better funded than the companies that they are hacking and thus it makes it seem that all efforts to prevent this new type of warfare to be futile, but that is certainly not the case. What needs to be done from a business standpoint is to create a plan to first understand what your weaknesses are and what can be done to fortify and improve those particular areas strategically to help reduce the chances of the “Bad Guys” getting inside and creating all kinds of havoc to your company.

Take note that I intentionally did not mention weather or storms as part of the introduction which was not done to imply that hurricanes are less dangerous than Cyber-Crime, but as a transplanted Floridian, that topic tends to get less of a reaction down here until the storm is about to hit the shore and then the lines at Home Depot stretch for miles. All we have to remember is Hurricane Matthew just a few short months ago when it made an “Exit Stage Right” and missed a direct hit on South Florida by a scant 30 miles but ravaged the northern coast of Florida near Jacksonville as well Georgia and the Carolina’s, which caused severe damage to those affected areas.

So as part of my new role I have renewed my participation with ACP for the SE FL Chapter, which covers Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties and I will be active with that team over the coming weeks and months and will sharing those details, so stay tuned on that. For those of you who do not know what the ACP does, their organization’s Mission Statement is “Everything we do professionally and as an organization is dedicated to protecting lives, safeguarding businesses and fostering community resiliency”, which is a pretty good starting place if you ask me and I have listed their website below if you would like to read further.

Finally in terms of what I’ll be busy promoting from a perspective, will be our solutions surrounding Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery as a Service and Backup and Restoral Services. I’m listing a blog by our CTO Nick Russo below as well, which offers a bit more detail on those topics for your review.

Yes I’m aware that Hurricane Season is around the corner however let’s not make this our only goal to solve as we all need to have resiliency in our organizations at multiple levels, so feel free to reach out to myself and our team so can help you put those plans in place to keep your businesses up and running in spite of the obstacles that can get in our way. To reach me directly, please use or 954-974-6262 so we can schedule time to discuss these or any other issues so we can keep your data connected and protected. Thanks! Glen

ACP (Association of Continuity Professionals) International Website: CTO Nick Russo discussing Business Continuity and DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service):

ACP Certificate of Membership – 2017

ACP Certificate of Membership - Glen Benjamin_1

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25 Sales Habits – How Many Do You Follow?

As someone who recently changed jobs, it’s always good to take stock of your inventory, in this case my Sales Habit Inventory. So the first thing that I need to say is that I “borrowed” (see Point #15) this Sales Habit card from the desk of @lennychesal as it probably had been sitting there since the last millennium but still believe that these 25 points are still quite relevant in today’s selling world.

I’ll start with which Habits that I currently utilize and must admit that I had to Google #7 so that I understood the definition of “Malleability” and would like to hear from you all which ones that you currently use and which ones need self-improvement. Let’s try to be honest with each other, this is how I rate myself:

Glen’s Ratings:

Currently Use: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 18, 19, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25

Needs Self-Improvement: 7, 12, 14, 16, 17, 20

25 Sales Habits – Courtesy of D E I Sales Training Systems

  1. Communicate Trustworthiness
  2. Ask the Right Questions
  3. Take the Lead
  4. Engage the Prospect
  5. Find the Key Requirements
  6. Convert Leads
  7. Use Product Malleability
  8. Be a Consultant Because You Are
  9. Ask for the Next Appointment on Each Visit
  10. Take Notes
  11. Create a Plan with Each New Prospect
  12. Ask for Referrals
  13. Show Enthusiasm
  14. Give Yourself Appropriate Credit
  15. Always Tell the Truth
  16. Sell Yourself on Yourself
  17. Start Early
  18. Read Industry Publications
  19. Follow Up Each Visit
  20. Give Public Speeches
  21. Pass Along Opportunity
  22. Take Responsibility for Your Presentations
  23. Believe in Your Company
  24. Tell Everyone You Meet What You Do
  25. Keep Your Sense of Humor


Well it’s been a whirlwind first week over at Host.Net learning about requisite catalog of training on processes, procedures and product but for today’s purposes, let’s focus on something other than Tech (hold the applause…) to talk about.

In this case lets talk about what most of us love to do, Network and play Golf, which our Director of Marketing and Partner Management, Allie Hernandez has put together a quarterly event called Connect “Fore”. Our first quarterly Connect “Fore” event is going to be held on Thursday April 20th at Deer Creek Golf Club. What’s going to make this a bit different is that we want to encourage you to network with friends and business associates as this is open to everyone to help ensure that we all have a great time.

Allie has done a great job of negotiating three paid options (Host.Net is not funding these events) so that we reach as broad an audience as possible. The logistics as listed below:

First quarterly networking event is on Thursday April 20th with a 4:30pm Tee-Time (for 9 Holes) start. Driving range token is included with first two options and can be used earlier in the day.

Networking options ($15 – $45 + Taxes/Fees)

  • Golf 9 holes (includes tax, golf cart, token for driving range and a $2 gratuity for bag room)
  • Golf 9 holes with Dinner and Networking (includes tax, golf cart, token for driving range and a $2 gratuity for bag room)
  • Dinner and Networking

Dinner is a fixed menu with a cash bar option.

Golfer and Non-Golfers are certainly invited so feel free to share this event with friends and associates as we can’t think of a better way to play “Hooky” on a late afternoon in South Florida. I’m including a link that you can use to register for the event plus Allie’s contact information if you would like to reach out to her with any questions.
Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday April 20th at Deer Creek Golf Club!

Allie Hernandez

Director of Marketing & Partner Development

Office (561)-869-3388, Cell (954)-275-3333


Host.Net Fore

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Glen Benjamin Joins Host.Net


I’m excited to share with you with what I think is really good news which is that I have decided to take a position with a company that most of you in the South Florida area should know about, Host.Net. My role will be to help deliver a portfolio of Managed Solutions for both End-User Clients and Business Partners, a portfolio of  Services including Cloud and Co-Location, along with Connectivity within our Data/Co-Location Centers.

I’ll be dusting off my title as a Certified Business Resiliency Manager (that is certainly a mouthful) to focus on Business Continuity with a significant focus on insuring that the lifeblood of every business, which is your Corporate Data, is safe and secure. Our goal at Host.Net is to insure that YOUR organization’s Data and Information is constantly Connected as well as Protected and Backed Up should any event that disrupts your business and does not cause you to lose this precious information.

I’ll be in a heavy learning curve over the next few weeks and months as Host.Net has many Products and Services for me to catch up on but let’s not let that get in the way of getting re-connected during this time to see if we can offer your company any solutions to help ensure that the Data that runs your business does not get compromised and if an event does occur, that we can help you recover that information quickly.

My phone numbers remain the same so you just need to remember a new e-mail address below that is pretty simple. I also want to extend a sincere Thanks to my friends and co-workers from DirecLogix, who I spent the past year with and wish them nothing but the best as they were terrific to work with.

Best Regards, Glen

GBenjamin@Host.Net E-Mail

954-974-6262 Office/Follow-Me

954-506-3974 Mobile/Text Website



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How Secure is Your Companies Data?

I recently took the time and effort to complete my HPE Sales Certification on Security Software Solutions, which naturally was quite illuminating in terms of how Data Security has become top of mind not only due to the highly publicized hacks that we have all heard about (Sony Movie Studios, IRS Fraudulent Refunds etc.) but also to the many breaches that occurring constantly that no one is aware of.

Part of the courseware was a list of sobering facts on how often and what impact breaches have to corporations (much like the general consumer) as well as how this could put those organizations in such a negative light in terms of reputation that recovery becomes that much more difficult should your data become exposed. According to HPE, these stats come from Gartner, Forrester and the Ponemon Institute (amongst others I would imagine) provide a sample framework of what the new Cyber Crime “Bad Guys” are doing to your Data every single day:

  • “Bad Guys” are spending 229 days inside your network BEFORE DETECTION
  • 80% of Breaches occur at the Application Layer (many of these are Malicious Insiders)
  • 56% of Organizations have been the target of a Cyber Attack
  • It takes 45 Days to resolve a Cyber Attack on average
  • Global Spend in 2015 was $77B, it is projected to be $120B in 2017 and $170B in 2020
  • 8% of the Total IT Budget is spent on Security
  • The Mean Annualized Cost of Cyber Crime per organization is $7.7M

There are certainly plenty more statistics that can be displayed here, but the whole point is that we are now experiencing a “New Normal” where the Cyber Bullies are getting more innovative and daring than ever before. Hacking and Cyberwarfare have become a rather lucrative business for these adversaries as we are hearing stories of how Ransomeware is effectively shutting down corporations who fail to heed many of these warnings and are locked out of their operations due to Hackers doing a better job of getting past the gatekeepers and obstacles we thought that would keep them out previously.  We must now deal with the Assumption of Compromise by the “Bad Guys” from every aspect of how we handle our Corporate (and Personal) Data especially as much of this information is trending to be moved to Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud Providers, another set complexities that didn’t have to deal with previously.

Ultimately we all need to understand that this “New Normal” is something that is not static but instead constantly evolving and that we must be prepared well beyond previous exercises of just protecting your perimeter and instead be protecting your organization from the core and applications levels. You also need to consider encryption at every layer of your infrastructure so even your internal employees can’t walk about with the keys to your business should they decide to see what information has been left unsecured.

For those that have taken the proper precautions, my hats off to you for being proactive. For those that are just starting to take a look at their next steps, we also salute you and finally for those that are not sure what to do, please contact me at and we can get started with an assessment of your current scenario with our Security Team and make some recommendations on what you should be doing to keep your Corporate Data out of the “Bad Guys” hands.

Thanks, Glen




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Upcoming SFTA Events -Cinco de Mayo Golf & Private Room Social!

Happy Friday All!

I wanted to call to your attention on a couple of events coming up soon that is being put on by the SFTA ( that we are looking for your attendance plus there are sponsorship opportunities for both of these events that we are looking to fill.

First we have the SFTA “Private Room” Social coming up on Wednesday March 8th being held at Funky Buddha in Oakland Park starting at 5pm. Funky Buddha is a Micro-Brewery/Sports Bar that has given us access to some of their private meeting rooms plus will be giving tours of the Micro-Brewery so we are expecting lots of opportunities to network with other Techies and learn more about what is going on in our community plus kick back and enjoy a great setting.

The Registration Link is listed below which will also include 2 Free Beer Tickets and Food so please register today as this is right around the corner:

Register for SFTA “Private Room” Networking Event on March 8th at:!event-register/2017/3/8/sfta-funky-buddha-apos-private-room-apos-social


Finally our next “Big” Event is the SFTA Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Golf Tournament being held on May 5th at the Plantation Preserve Golf Club. This is your chance to network with our “Cloud Maker” IT Community and play under the beautiful clouds of South Florida on a Friday, what could be better than that? We also have plenty of sponsorship opportunities from the Platinum/Gold Levels all the way down to Hole Sponsorships, which I’m listing in the flyer at the bottom of this blog post.

Additional details on the SFTA Cinco de May Fiesta Golf Tournament are available at the link below along with registering Golf Foursomes/Single Players which will also include a 4 Person Scramble, Breakfast, Roaming Drink Carts, Catered Lunch and an Awards Reception following the event.

Register for the SFTA Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Golf Tournament:

We look forward to seeing you at these and other SFTA Events, have a great weekend!

Click Below to Download Sponsorship Flyer for SFTA Cinco de Mayo Golf Tournament:


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SFTA Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Golf Tournament on Friday May 5th 2017!

Who is ready to Golf on Cinco de Mayo? Well the SFTA is and we are starting our campaign to bring the biggest and brightest Golfers to play under the beautiful Clouds with the Cloud Makers and Technologists of South Florida this coming Friday May 5th at Plantation Preserve Golf Course. We have a series of Sponsorship Slots available from Platinum/Gold Levels all the way down to Hole Sponsorships and I’ll likely Sponsor a Sand Trap as that’s where I end up spending most of my time anyway.

I have listed links below along with details about the event including contact information to get you and your organization set up with the Sponsor Level that you choose. Obviously we need Golfers so foursomes and individual spots are open and as always, we can use volunteers to help us during the day so if you don’t plan playing, we can always use an extra set of hands leading up to the event and during the event.

We look forward to having the entire South Florida Technology Community band together to support our efforts and we hope to see you this Cinco de Mayo!

Details on the SFTA Cinco de Mayo Golf Tournament:

The SFTA is proud to announce the Cinco de Mayo Golf Tournament. Taking place May 5, 2017 at the prestigious Plantation Preserve Golf Course.

Our Cinco de Mayo Fiesta themed golf tournament is in support of local South Florida charities and offers activities for golfers, non-golfers and tremendous sponsorship opportunities.

About the SFTA

The South Florida Technology Alliance (SFTA) promotes the growth, success and awareness of the regional technology community. Through events, networking, programs and education, we provide south Florida’s technology-related companies, academic institutions, entrepreneurs, governments and related organizations with an active forum to grow the business of technology in our region.


Please note:  SFTA Members and prior sponsors may receive a Discount on select packages. Email Nicole Ciccone at for your discount code.

Join the SFTA Today to receive discount benefits on this and other events!

For more information regarding sponsorship and event day activities, please contact:

Nicole Ciccone –

John J Ficarra – SFTA Tournament Director


Learn More About the SFTA Cinco de May Golf Tournament:

Sponsor and Golfer/Foursome Registration Page:


Plantation Preserve Golf Course
7050 W Broward Blvd
Plantation, FL, 33317-2209
Please also follow the SFTA on the following Social Media Platforms to stay up to date on the Cinco de Mayo Golf Tournament as well as our other upcoming events:


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The Next Technology Revolution – IoT!

So I have to start this blog with #tbt moment, I was very jealous to follow what was being announced out of CES 2017 in Las Vegas (knowing what goes on there…) regarding devices for IoT (Internet of Things) that were rolled out earlier this month. A plethora of smart or connected products that provide measurements for just about any type of data to be collected and analyzed. Items featuring Healthcare, Manufacturing, Automation, Energy Management, Transportation, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality amongst many others have been around for quite some time and the inflexion point is right in front of us as this is expected to rapidly grow in a very short time. Network Providers will certainly have to be stepping up their capacity as this insatiable demand for the “Always-On” Connectivity and then of course this data will need to be stored somewhere, thus Cloud Computing is this next natural hyper-growth segment that will be impacted and by the looks of things, AWS, Azure, Google and others will be ready for the task, especially for Enterprise solutions.

Where the biggest concern might be are for Consumer simply looking to “securely” connect all of these devices in their home, as that might be the biggest challenge for most of us. If you look at some of the new products introduced at CES this month, the only limitation to these IoT devices is your imagination as the capabilities are staggering. Items such as Smart Ovens, Toothbrushes, Blinds/Curtains, Mirrors, Tables, Beds/Pillows, Food Processors, Fragrance Dispensers/Air Purifiers (really?), Lawn Mowers,  Pet Feeders, Sprinkler Systems and a whole host of other products designed to Automate your home. All of these devices will measure practically everything that goes on in and around your home and yes I skipped Door Bells with Camera’s, Perimeter Security Systems, Thermostats as those have been embedded for the past couple of years.

Again all of this sounds great except for one slight problem, are any vendors offering a complete end-to-end Consumer-Oriented Network Security system to keep those nasty hackers out? If you are connecting these plus all your appliances (yes Refrigerators, Ovens, TV’s, Washers/Dryers are all in play) within your home network without any form of a Firewall/Intrusion Protection, Anti-Virus Program to cover all these items, then of course you are asking for trouble. I’m including a link on Keeping Hackers Out of Your Smart Home below, which are good common sense tips that you should use (Change Default Passwords, Update Firmware, Remove Unnecessary Devices etc.) to protect yourself. Notice that I’m not discussing Enterprise platforms at this point as many of the large Service Providers either already have programs in place to handle this or are ready to deploy infrastructure for organizations starting to utilize IoT, so we’ll skip that for now on this blog.

I’m not seeing too many vendors offering Home Networking Security Systems just yet, just a couple of smaller companies so that’s my (and our) big concern. That being said I’m hoping to see some bigger and better things when it comes to security as frankly Consumers will not adopt many of these products unless they feel safe and secure with all of this connectivity going on around us.

The good news (at least for South Florida) is there the upcoming IoT Evolution Expo coming to the Broward County Convention Center on February 7th – 9th where we will potentially see probably a zillion more of these products coming to life with hopefully a complete Network Security Platform that we can use at our homes to at least give us some peace of mind that the 16-year-old next door is not hacking into my network and creating all kinds of havoc with any business applications that I’m actually trying to use in my corporate world. For those of you in the area, I would highly recommend attending this event to learn the latest in IoT whether for Business or Consumer offerings along with what levels of Security can be providing in this relatively new but growing industry.

For those planning on attending the IoT Evolution Expo, I would like to connect with you to see what your plans are for IoT/Cloud/Mobility/Data Center and of course Security to see what we can do to assist your efforts. Also for any providers that are offering solutions specific to IoT Security, feel free to respond to this blog and share any information or contrasting views so we can all learn more about where IoT is headed and how we can get safely and securely. Thanks!

Contact: or 954-974-6262

Top 5 Facts about the Internet of Things (IoT)

Links Referenced in this Blog Listed Below:

20 Crazy Connected IoT Products At CES 2017

6 Key Tips for Keeping Hackers Out of Your Smart Home

IoT Evolution Expo – February 7-10 – Ft. Lauderdale – Registration Link Below:




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