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The Next Technology Revolution – IoT!

So I have to start this blog with #tbt moment, I was very jealous to follow what was being announced out of CES 2017 in Las Vegas (knowing what goes on there…) regarding devices for IoT (Internet of Things) that were rolled out earlier this month. A plethora of smart or connected products that provide measurements for just about any type of data to be collected and analyzed. Items featuring Healthcare, Manufacturing, Automation, Energy Management, Transportation, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality amongst many others have been around for quite some time and the inflexion point is right in front of us as this is expected to rapidly grow in a very short time. Network Providers will certainly have to be stepping up their capacity as this insatiable demand for the “Always-On” Connectivity and then of course this data will need to be stored somewhere, thus Cloud Computing is this next natural hyper-growth segment that will be impacted and by the looks of things, AWS, Azure, Google and others will be ready for the task, especially for Enterprise solutions.

Where the biggest concern might be are for Consumer simply looking to “securely” connect all of these devices in their home, as that might be the biggest challenge for most of us. If you look at some of the new products introduced at CES this month, the only limitation to these IoT devices is your imagination as the capabilities are staggering. Items such as Smart Ovens, Toothbrushes, Blinds/Curtains, Mirrors, Tables, Beds/Pillows, Food Processors, Fragrance Dispensers/Air Purifiers (really?), Lawn Mowers,  Pet Feeders, Sprinkler Systems and a whole host of other products designed to Automate your home. All of these devices will measure practically everything that goes on in and around your home and yes I skipped Door Bells with Camera’s, Perimeter Security Systems, Thermostats as those have been embedded for the past couple of years.

Again all of this sounds great except for one slight problem, are any vendors offering a complete end-to-end Consumer-Oriented Network Security system to keep those nasty hackers out? If you are connecting these plus all your appliances (yes Refrigerators, Ovens, TV’s, Washers/Dryers are all in play) within your home network without any form of a Firewall/Intrusion Protection, Anti-Virus Program to cover all these items, then of course you are asking for trouble. I’m including a link on Keeping Hackers Out of Your Smart Home below, which are good common sense tips that you should use (Change Default Passwords, Update Firmware, Remove Unnecessary Devices etc.) to protect yourself. Notice that I’m not discussing Enterprise platforms at this point as many of the large Service Providers either already have programs in place to handle this or are ready to deploy infrastructure for organizations starting to utilize IoT, so we’ll skip that for now on this blog.

I’m not seeing too many vendors offering Home Networking Security Systems just yet, just a couple of smaller companies so that’s my (and our) big concern. That being said I’m hoping to see some bigger and better things when it comes to security as frankly Consumers will not adopt many of these products unless they feel safe and secure with all of this connectivity going on around us.

The good news (at least for South Florida) is there the upcoming IoT Evolution Expo coming to the Broward County Convention Center on February 7th – 9th where we will potentially see probably a zillion more of these products coming to life with hopefully a complete Network Security Platform that we can use at our homes to at least give us some peace of mind that the 16-year-old next door is not hacking into my network and creating all kinds of havoc with any business applications that I’m actually trying to use in my corporate world. For those of you in the area, I would highly recommend attending this event to learn the latest in IoT whether for Business or Consumer offerings along with what levels of Security can be providing in this relatively new but growing industry.

For those planning on attending the IoT Evolution Expo, I would like to connect with you to see what your plans are for IoT/Cloud/Mobility/Data Center and of course Security to see what we can do to assist your efforts. Also for any providers that are offering solutions specific to IoT Security, feel free to respond to this blog and share any information or contrasting views so we can all learn more about where IoT is headed and how we can get safely and securely. Thanks!

Contact: or 954-974-6262

Top 5 Facts about the Internet of Things (IoT)

Links Referenced in this Blog Listed Below:

20 Crazy Connected IoT Products At CES 2017

6 Key Tips for Keeping Hackers Out of Your Smart Home

IoT Evolution Expo – February 7-10 – Ft. Lauderdale – Registration Link Below:




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I Want to Win a Free Ticket to Attend VeeamOn 2017!

For those not aware, Veeam is offering Bloggers the opportunity to win a free ticket to their upcoming VeeamOn 2017 ( being held in New Orleans May 16th – 18th, so consider this my submittal for the contest as who wouldn’t want to learn more about Veeam and spend a few days in N’awlins (BooYah!)?

OK, enough groveling for a free trip (not likely) and why you should be working with Veeam and attend VeeamOn 2017:

  • Veeam offers Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) or RTPO of 15 Minutes or Less for ALL Applications and Data
  • Data is Growing at 30%-50% per year and traditional legacy backup tools are not being met according to most CIO’s
  • Veeam is an Agentless Solution where the customer pays by the CPU Socket only, specific to the VM Environment

Our clients are looking closely at their Backup and Restoral policies so Veeam should be considered at each and every step of the way. This has caused me to personally pursue two recent certifications, Veeam Sales Professional and Veeam Technical Sales Professional (copy of that Certification below) so that we can best serve clients who are considering Veeam. Please contact me directly at so we can start an assessment for your organization.

Finally, yes I would like to win a free trip to VeeamOn 2017 in N’awlins, so please let the coordinators of the contest know that my bags are packed!

Direct Link to VeeamOn 2017 Registration Page:

Glen Benjamin VMTSP Certification Below:






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A New Approach to Data Security – Gemalto

Happy New Year All!

Like most (if not all) of you, I took some time off during the holiday season to recharge the batteries for 2017 but did carve out a few hours in between a few dozen bowl games to finish up Certifications for Veeam (Technical Sales Professional) plus Gemalto (Sales Professional), which is very important for those organizations looking to secure their Data.

As part of Gemalto’s training, they speak about how their product line provides multiple layers of protection by offering security in both the Core as well as at the Edge by providing Data Encryption, Crypto Management and Enterprise Authentication for organizations of all sizes. Gemalto also talks about Perimeter Security alone is no longer enough as your Data is the new Perimeter as Malicious Outsiders and Insiders are potentially your biggest threats to consider. Understanding that in 2015 there were over 700 million reported (can’t imagine what was NOT reported) records breached, which amounts to 22 records breached EVERY SECOND, that should get you to sit up in your seat and be concerned.

Data records Lost or Stolen by Industry starts with Government followed by Healthcare along with Technology, Retail and Education as the biggest offenders. When you also consider that the FBI shows that 50%-80% of these attacks originate from BEHIND THE FIREWALL, so your Data is completely exposed if those internal users walk off with your highly valuable information.

The Three Steps that your organizations need to follow to secure your Data is:

  1. Encrypt and Secure Data – Data at Rest and Data in Motion Encryption
  2. Own and Secure Keys – Crypto & Enterprise Key Management
  3. Control Access – Strong Multi-Factor Authentication

These type of discussions need to work in Physical, Virtual and Cloud environments so regardless of your infrastructure, this needs to become top of mind when a Breach occurs, just ask the DNC what impact the alleged Russian Government Breach has done to their opposition assessment of the President-Elect, not pretty right?

We here at DirecLogix are here to help you with determining what type of solution would work best for you, so please contact me at so we can start preparing an assessment for your organization. Happy New Year!




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Happy New Year – Let’s Be Safe Out There!

As we close out a tumultuous Tech Year of 2016 where we have seen huge advances into Virtual Reality, Internet of Things, Cloud, Agility, Mobility but still have concerns about Security (heard any rumors of another major Hack lately?), well in just a couple of days we get to start with a fresh slate in 2017. Also keep in mind that we have a new Administration taking over in a few weeks, which could speed up or alter Technology trends faster than we have seen before, much more to follow.

Knowing that many of us will be celebrating New Year’s Eve in a matter of hours, I’m sending a reminder that we need to be on our own high-alert status to be aware that those of us who have taken a drink or know someone who has been drinking, to please keep those folks off the road this weekend or frankly at anytime they are impaired to drive. Even though fewer people are driving drunk (see Miami Herald article:, there are far too many accidents related to impaired/distracted drivers and this is the time to be especially vigilant.

Besides utilizing ride-sharing services like Uber or Lyft to get people home safely, AAA is also offering their Holiday Safe Ride Program ( where AAA reminds motorists to travel safely and drive drug- and alcohol-free when hitting the roads. For those who do plan to drink, AAA urges them to take safety precautions in advance: designate a non-drinking driver, call a cab or stay with a friend. You can also contact AAA if you need a safe ride home, by calling 1-800-AAA-HELP (800-222-4357) for assistance.

Please enjoy your New Year’s Celebration, let’s just be sure that you are mindful of people who don’t belong on the road, so please use the resources listed above to assist you in finding alternate travel or better yet, have a designated driver ready to assist you in getting home safely so we can talk again next year.

Happy New Year All!



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Merry Chanukah-Mas!

For only the 4th time in the past 100 years (and the 1st time since 1959), Chanukah and Christmas have fallen on the same day, could this be any better? Even though this could bring out some rather strange dinner combinations at family gatherings (Turkey, Chicken, Matzo, Latkes, Cornbread, Cranberries, Pumpkin Pie…Ham, nope out of the question…) it is a perfect time to reflect and give Thanks for all that we have as we close out 2016.

Please let me extend Best Wishes to all of my family, friends, teammates, followers, clients, partners for a safe and wonderful Holiday Season and for a prosperous 2017!

Santa Glen


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3D Imaging with the World’s Worst Model Ever, Me!

While attending ITPalooza last week, I had the chance to experience a wide range of cool Tech Solutions during the event besides helping manage our DirecLogix Booth along with Red Hat and got to speak to lots and lots of folks about Open Source solutions plus I was also able to moderate a session hosted by Microsoft on how Azure can assist developers on IoT solutions that are first coming to market. On top of all that I also had chances to hear our keynote sessions from Centrify and Amazon Web Services and learn the latest on their view of Security and Cloud as well as test out Virtual Reality and take a test drive in a Tesla (only in my dreams) but alas, I didn’t get a chance to win one.

Naturally it was a long and tiring day until one of my colleagues told me to head over to the 3D Imaging Booth sponsored by ZeroPoint3D ( as they would take a 3D image of me in their booth in a matter of a few minutes, which sounded easy enough. Knowing that I’m not the best looking model that ever ventured into their booth, I took the challenge of standing on a rotating podium and probably within 1-2 minutes the pictures were completed and another couple of minutes, the rendering was finishing and voila, there was a 3D Mini Me image of myself on-screen! I did make the suggestion of cropping me out of the picture and using People’s latest Sexiest Man Alive, Duane Johnson, but they left my image on-screen instead.

All of this occurred in under 5 minutes of time and when you think about the applications that can be available with this very new type of device, it can be one of the most disruptive technologies ever created. Think about Healthcare with a dentist being able to fit caps, moldings, implants and dentures almost immediately without having to wait for a lab or how about creating prosthetic limbs for disabled people all virtually on the spot without having to wait on a laboratory to ship to their facility. 3D Printing can potentially have a tremendous impact in the entire $13T (that’s T as in Trillion) Manufacturing Supply Chain by being able to create new or replacement parts by scanning them in and producing the new part in a matter of minutes or hours at a significantly lower cost then through traditional manufacturing supply chains. There is much more coming down the road when it comes to 3D Printing as how it will potentially impact all types of industries in the not too distant future. Feel free to contact me at to see if your company would benefit from any of these or other technologies that you are planning for in 2017 or beyond.

Finally I’m including a few different views of how ZeroPoint3D actually did the scan of me (good thing they didn’t scan my brain, way too cluttered in there) and what the process looked like. Click on the links below and just make-believe that it’s Duane Johnson instead of me to hopefully give you a better looking view of 3D imaging. Thanks!

View a 3D Scan of Glen:

Link to View Creation of 3D Image at Booth :

Pictures of 3D Creation including Glen with 3D “Mini-Me” Plus Final Image Below:





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DirecLogix and Red Hat – Come See Us at Booth 50 at ITPalooza!

Yes it’s finally ITPalooza Time so as a Final-Final-Final Reminder, please register at to see the latest in Tech featuring Tracks on Cloud, IoT, Security, Agile plus Keynote Sessions by Centrify and Amazon Web Services. In case I hadn’t reminded you enough yet, all registered attendees will get a chance to “Crack the Vault” to Win a Tesla, which is featured in the center of Exhibit Hall (pictured below) as you walk into the Signature Grand. Take note of the 2 Virtual Reality Showcase Areas, Toys for Tots Mega Wall and the Main Stage to right of the diagram.

Speaking of the Exhibit Hall, DirecLogix and Red Hat will be in Booth #50 (also pictured below), which is highlighted in Red (Red Hat you get it right?) to the left as you walk into the Main Entrance of the facility. Please stop by and meet our respective Teams as we would like to discuss any and all your Technology needs to see if we can help put a solution in place to help your organization meet and exceed your business objectives.

I can be reached during the event at or via Mobile/Text at 954-560-3974 and look forward to connecting with you all at ITPalooza!


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DirecLogix and Red Hat at ITPalooza Thursday December 8th!

ITPalooza is 3 days (as I write this) away and all of the Committee Members of ITPalooza and SFTA ( are busy putting our final touches on the event to ensure that we have a spectacular day on Thursday. As most of you know, DirecLogix and Red Hat are Gold Partners for ITPalooza (which I have been busy posting here the past few weeks) and we look forward to speaking with you all about our joint solutions that we can offer, especially on Cloud, Linux, Virtualization, Middleware, Storage, Mobility to name drop just a few. Please go to the bottom of this page to download a 1 page brochure to learn more on how Red Hat can work with you and your organization when it comes to solutions based on Business Constraints.

Red Hat in particular, covers a wide range of services outside of just Linux-Branded software and can assist when conversations shift to Containers, Testing Automation, Micrososervices, Monitoring and Self-Healing environments. We are going to have several Sales and Engineering people from Red Hat at the DirecLogix booth as they are committed to helping our clients understand how Red Hat can provide solutions for many facets of Data Center Infrastructure and would like to spend time with you at ITPalooza, or when the commotion dies down after the event. Red Hat is being led by their Commercial Account Manager for the State of Florida, David Schluckbier, who will be quarterbacking their efforts and I have listed his contact information (and picture) below so we ensure that we connect with you this week.

As a reminder, please be sure to register at to insure your attendance plus another reminder that all attendees will be given a chance to “Crack the Vault” to win a Tesla, so what are you waiting for? Feel free to contact me at with any questions as we look forward to seeing you Thursday at ITPalooza!

Bio on David Schluckbier (Pictured Above, Contact Info Below)

Commercial Account Manager Red Hat, Inc.

Direct # (919) 301-3205

David’s Comments: “I’ve been with Red Hat for 4 years in different roles within our sales organization.  My current focus is on on-boarding new customers with Red Hat for the state of Florida. If you have any questions around our portfolio, please don’t hesitate to reach out! Looking forward to meeting everyone this year at ITPalooza!”

Click to Download Brochure – Red Hat Business Constraints – Openshift and Ansible


We are 1 week away from ITPalooza ( where we are gathering the best in Technology in South Florida to talk to our 2,000 attendees about where they see Tech moving to in the near and long-term future. Now is the time to register at to join us to ensure your seat at the biggest Tech Event that we have seen down here in some time plus registered attendees will also receive a chance to “Crack the Vault” and win a Tesla, besides being the coolest car design concept that we have ever seen but also the car that contains the top “Tech” on the road today.

ITPalooza has broken down the top tracks into discussion points featuring Cloud, Security, IoT and in today’s post, I’ll bring up Agile, which DirecLogix will be engaging with Red Hat at our booth in the Exhibit Hall. Agile (or Agility) is generally defined as “The Ability to Change” which if you look at today’s business world (of which Technology is helping drive an enormous amount of innovation) which is constantly evolving. While Agility is a trait that we would want to be very good at, Red Hat defines that term as “Adaptability” which defines the end-state of digital transformation and they consider the only true source of “sustainable” competitive advantage. This becomes a function of where utilizing Middleware will help organizations attain a competitive advantage and where Red Hat JBOSS BPM Suite can make a significant impact across your Lines of Business and many different functions that exists in most companies. Be sure to go to the bottom of this page and download the White Paper on Red Hat JBOSS to learn more.

We will have several different Red Hat Sales and Engineering resources at the DirecLogix booth in the Exhibit Hall at ITPalooza and we welcome you to visit us to see how we can help your organization in terms of Agility as well as Cloud, Virtualization, Storage, Open Source, Management and any other topic of interest to you. Please visit us at ITPalooza or feel free to contact me directly at to schedule time with you to discuss your Technology needs. Thanks!




Click to Download – Red Hat JBOSS Continuous Planning Optimization:


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DirecLogix and Red Hat -Gold Sponsors at ITPalooza – December 8th!

We are now in the final stages getting ready for next week’s (9 days away as I write this) ITPalooza ( event being held at Signature Grand on Thursday December 8th with lots of final details being nailed down for our 2,000 Guests, Partners and Presenters attending this event. Please make sure that you have registered for the event as we have many sessions on technology that will be of interest to Techies here in the South Florida Community plus registered attendees will have a chance to “Crack the Vault” to win a Tesla, how cool would that be right?

A large section of what is going to be presented will be related to “Cloud” (along with IoT, Security, Agile) plus our afternoon Keynote Session presenter will be Amazon Web Services, one of the largest Cloud Providers in the world. The reason for bringing this up is that DirecLogix and Red Hat are participating as Gold Sponsors at ITPalooza and besides being prepared to discuss Open Source Solutions at our table in the Expo Hall, we would also certainly like to discuss how to help you enable Cloud within your organization.

Red Hat offers a platform called CloudForms (along with products geared towards Virtualization, Linux, Storage, Middleware amongst others) which allows for unified management across infrastructures including Private and Public Cloud environments such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platforms. Red Hat CloudForms provides the capability for IT Operations to have comprehensive management capabilities across multiple Clouds as well as container-based environments including SDN management. For those attending ITPalooza specific to Cloud, this would be a great time to stop by our DirecLogix/Red Hat Booth as well as attend the multiple sessions related to Cloud (see links below) and get an assessment started while we are at the event.

We look forward to seeing you all at ITPalooza but if you can’t make it and want to discuss how we can assist your organization with any of your technology needs, please contact me at Thanks!

To See the “Cloud” Track at ITPalooza:

To See More on the Amazon Web Services Afternoon Keynote Address at ITPalooza:


Download Data Sheet – Red Hat CloudForms – Click Below


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