Posted by: mobilitycloud | June 12, 2018

Shame on You – JP Morgan Chase!


First let me say that this title is a bit out of the norm for me, as I don’t publicize criticism’s of large public corporations, but in this case, I need to make an exception due to the circumstances I’ll list below.

The scenario I’m about to describe is about a couple that I know for many years and will keep their names private, who I feel have been badly wronged by their bank, JP Morgan Chase. They have been a client of Chase for several years and very recently had a significant issue created by their bank that is causing an undue hardship on this couple’s behalf. In a nutshell, here is the story:

This couple was out for dinner late last week and when they went to pay their check, both of their Chase cards were declined and they wound up using an alternative credit card to pay the dinner bill and naturally they went to their local Chase branch the very next morning to see what occurred and folks, get ready for a really incredible saga as hopefully this does NOT happen to you.

Upon arriving at their Chase Branch, they were merely told that their account(s) were closed and that a letter sent a few days before via USPS went to their home, but it never arrived. Regardless they were told by several people at the bank, that their account(s) were closed and frozen and that they were told that they would have to wait 7-10 Business Days for their money to be sent to them. At no point they were told as to why their account was closed as none of the bank’s internal systems had any notes on the closure of their accounts. Since all their checking and savings accounts were with Chase and with their assets now frozen, they were told to wait for their money to arrive and that’s all the bank would tell them.

The have spent countless hours trying to deal with Chase to determine “why” this occurred and how they can get access to their money, which as mentioned earlier, they have been loyal customers of Chase for many years but to this point, have been turned away without any acknowledgement or opportunity to have access to their funds so they can pay their bills until their check arrives, which we can all guarantee, will not be cashed at a Chase Branch.

The question that I’m now posing to my friends and followers is what recourse does this couple have with Chase (or any other bank for that matter) to have them receive their funds today as opposed to a couple of weeks from now. They can’t get a straight answer from Chase, which besides the embarrassment for having to call all of their debtors to advise that they are waiting for their money so they can reissue checks, is causing a great deal of stress for them.

We would certainly welcome your opinions, advise or counsel as to what their next steps should be in dealing with Chase or better yet, can someone from Chase contact me so I can get a message to them to hopefully alleviate the pain that this is causing this couple please? Again this is way outside of what I typically post but they could really use your help right now, so please feel free to contact me directly at or 954-974-6262.

Finally, Shame on You Chase for doing this to a wonderful couple who have been your customers for many years and I hope that this message is loud and clear to anyone reading this message that this is not an acceptable way to conduct yourselves and I hope other Chase customers are put on notice that they should consider other banks if this is how you are going to treat them. Once I hear that you have rectified this situation and the couple has received their money, I’ll update this post (hopefully soon) with the good news, but until then, I’m very disappointed in your lack to loyalty to two good customers.

#chasefail #shameonyouchase #unacceptable

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