Posted by: mobilitycloud | May 29, 2018

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society – Supporting Tammy Kennedy’s Team!



Family, Friends and Followers,

I’m proud to be part of a Team led by SFTA (@soflatech) President, Tammy Kennedy, to help raise awareness and money for a bigger cause, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). Just over a year ago, Tammy’s Brother-in-Law, Howard, was diagnosed with Leukemia and with the help of LLS and his amazing doctors and nurses, he is now in remission and his family is most thankful!

This has led Tammy to lead her group of Family, Friends and Followers to take this to the next level and bring together other influential and compassionate leaders in our community to raise critical funds for blood cancer research, advocacy and patient care. Due to Tammy’s efforts, she has been nominated by LLS for their Woman of the Year 2018 campaign. Tammy needs your help as today through June 9th, your contributions will help her achieve her goal with LLS and most importantly, maybe help someone you know find a cure to this dreaded disease. Most people are not aware that every 3 minutes, someone is diagnosed with a blood cancer and unlike other cancers, you cannot screen or prevent most blood cancers, so we need your help today, so please visit my donation page below.

I’m also including a few videos that Tammy has help make to draw awareness to her LLS Campaign, including an inspiring video with Basketball Hall of Famer, Alonzo Mourning, who had incredible comments about what Tammy and the SFTA is doing in the community to help others who need our assistance.

Thank YOU Tammy for All That YOU Do!

Glen Benjamin’s LLS Donation Page

Alonzo Mourning and Tammy Kennedy Video:

LLS of South Florida Opening Ceremony Video featuring Tammy Kennedy:

LLS Society of South Florida Man & Woman of the Year Nominees including Tammy Kennedy:

LLS Society Student Winners of the Year

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