Posted by: mobilitycloud | February 23, 2018

The Search is Over, Now “Pay it Forward”!


As most of you know, I have been looking for a new position after being laid off a few months ago and I’m very proud to announce that THE SEARCH IS OVER! In typical journalist fashion I’m going to reveal my new company next week once I get settled, so that my friends, is the “tease” that I’ll leave you to ponder for the weekend.

What I do want to do at this time is “Pay it Forward” to all of the people and organizations that took the time to assist me by connecting me with Hiring Managers, Recruiters or Companies that had opportunities that I was a fit for. Looking for and obtaining a job can be frustrating and exhausting and many times it was great to talk to someone who could help motivate me during those tense moments or simply help guide me when I needed it the most and I’ll reference those folks at the bottom of this message.

I also know that there are many other people out there that are looking either for a career change or a new job, so I want to remind that coming up on Tuesday March 13th, the SFTA will be hosting Tech Talent Fest ( at Nova Southeastern University, where we will be putting Hiring Companies, Recruiters and other organizations together to help you find a role that just might suit you as well. Some of our Sponsors include CSPi, Magic Leap, CBS Interactive, Consultis, Sherlock Talent, Flaghip Solutions, GoGIG and JobNewsUSA plus we will be announcing others shortly. From 2p-5:15p we are going to have tables set up with these and other organizations in the Atrium of the College of Engineering and Computing (Carl de Santis Building) plus we will have breakout sessions where we will have speakers talk to you about how to get a job, how to interview, how to use LinkedIn, give us their view of jobs of the future along with similar topics. Then at 5:30 we will move upstairs in the same building to a reception area where we will have an SFTA Networking event where you can meet these Sponsors, Recruiters and Hiring Companies is a more casual atmosphere. Additional details are available including Sponsorship information at or you can certainly contact me with any questions.

Finally I’m going to attempt to formally Thank a lot of people here and like they say on Awards Shows, that is dangerous as you might miss someone here, so if I didn’t remember to include you, feel free to add your own “Shout Out” to this post.

First let me Thank the teams at SFTA/ITPalooza who helped me along the way here:  Lenny Chesal, Tammy Kennedy, John Ficarra, Rick Sebaly, Joe Monaco, Sal Miglino, Kelly Boyle, Nicole Ciccone, Alex Funkhouser, John McLaughlin, Bob Fitts, Kristin Knauer, Steve Earle, Don Silver, Allie Hernandez, Patricia Monica Ojeda and Beth Ryan. 

Other people that also need to get a “Shout Out” whose assistance has been invaluable during my hiatus also include: Ed Simon, Steve Elliot, Eric Huskey, Carol Boston, Rebecca Morse, John Munnilal, Eric Horowitz, Hugo Perez, Walter Sabrin, Dana Ingram, Deborah Vazquez Scott Kaplan, Jennifer Graham, Joseph Jones, Johnny Gallagher, Joe Russo, Gary Endlich, David Reece, Fred Mitchels, Roger Soto, Jim Noe, Rigo Alvarez, Patti Gonzalez, Lauren Wolcott, Doug Sensenig, Matt Hitt, Stephanie Bouras, Karla Roarty, Craig Inman, Joe Ferst, Tina Campbell, Jon Lowe amongst many others. Again if I missed you, feel free to add yourself to this post and scold me for not remembering. 

As you can tell that I’m excited about this next chapter in my career and Thank You All for helping me on this journey and all I’ll ask from you at this point is to “Pay it Forward” by helping someone else who could use your assistance, you never know how they might help you in return.

My Sincere Thanks! Glen

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