Posted by: mobilitycloud | December 29, 2017

The Monaco Group Enables Ft. Lauderdale Based Private Non-Profit ChildNet To Deliver Superior Quality Network Experience While Significantly Reducing OPEX

Congratulations to The Monaco Group and ChildNet on their collaboration to improve ChildNet’s Network Services while reducing OPEX and most importantly, serve the children under their care. Please read the attached Press Release detailing how they partnered to provide solutions that delivered signification impact to the ChildNet organization!!

ChildNet is a Private Non-Profit organization authorized by the Florida Department of Children & Families to serve as the Community Based Care (CBC) lead agency in both Broward and Palm Beach Counties. As a CBC, children’s safety and security are ChildNet’s top priority. As such, it is the single private non-profit entity responsible for managing the local system of services and supports for the communities’ most vulnerable children and whose mission is to protect abused, abandoned and neglected children in the communities that it serves. Our system of care was developed with extensive input from local stakeholders, and its effective implementation depends upon their continued support. In addition to their Ft. Lauderdale headquarters, Child Net operates facilities in the Broward and Palm Beach area.

ChildNet’s Major challenges included bandwidth constraints, network performance issues, Quality of Service, lack of dedicated support and response for critical services, causing issues across all sites that ChildNet depends on to provide care in the communities it serves.

ChildNet sought a partner to assess and optimize network resources across all locations. After careful consideration, ChildNet selected The Monaco Group based on their clear focus and a proven track record of delivering an exceptional customer experience to clients in the US and across the globe.

Joe Monaco, CEO of The Monaco Group, stated, “During the time we spent at ChildNet working closely with Emanuel Anderson, Director of IT, we learned about the positive impact that this organization has on children’s lives. His vision for Business Continuity allowed us to deliver solutions that guaranteed little to no interruption to the services provided to the community.”

The Team at The Monaco Group worked closely with ChildNet’s IT Leadership Team to design a Wide Area Network that provided optimized bandwidth, application visibility, and control, better utilization of their resources, resulting in a lower OPEX (Operating Expense) over 50% for ChildNet.

“Despite the fact that I was hesitant, due to the lack of support from other service providers, The Monaco Group more than delivered,” said Emmanuel Anderson, ChildNet Director of IT. They assisted us in realizing our true needs and worked closely with us on auditing services, drastically reducing our expenses with a huge positive impact on our budget, without compromising the integrity of our network. We can now redirect these savings to better serve the children in our care. Thank you!”

For additional information about ChildNet, please visit their website below:

About The Monaco Group:

Collaboration, SD WAN, and Security
Network has never been more critical to the success of your business. The Monaco Group understands your challenges and works with you to reallocate time and resources to be more strategic and carry out the mission of your organization. We handle the technology. You handle the innovation.

Staying ahead in this environment requires IT leaders to focus on innovation, and delivering personalized experiences to meet and exceed expectations. As a leader in network services, our business is enabling you to grow yours – by delivering secure, reliable, and engaging customer experiences.

For additional information about The Monaco Group, please visit their website below:

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