Posted by: mobilitycloud | December 21, 2017

Happy Holidays – Getting Ready for 2018!

As we all get ready for the Holiday Break coming up, I wanted to take a moment to Thank those that have been instrumental in helping support me as I have been looking to secure a sales position here in the Tech space, which I’m nearly there. The people that have lined up in my corner is probably too many to mention as I’ll likely forgot 1 or 2 key people so I’ll skip naming folks but I certainly appreciate all that you all have done for me in the past few weeks to get me in front of recruiters, hiring managers and organizations, which that journey should be ending real soon, so again I can’t Thank You All enough as we get ready to close 2017. Special Thanks goes out to the Board Members and General Membership of the SFTA and ITPalooza Teams (again too many to name) for helping me get in front as many people as possible.

Speaking of SFTA and ITPalooza, it’s also been an incredible year working with those organizations and with the euphoria of the success of ITPalooza fresh in our minds, another Shout-Out is in order for all of the Sponsors, Speakers, Volunteers and Attendees who participated in the event and took it way over the top in terms of our success. Besides helping manage the massive amount of Social Media prior to and during the event, I did multiple Facebook Live Sessions during ITPalooza that I have converted to video and posted across the ITPalooza Facebook and Twitter sites, plus put on my LinkedIn and YouTube page for your viewing pleasure so you all could see what our wonderful Technologists had on their minds for 2018 and beyond. Also be sure to view the Closing Ceremonies from ITPalooza which featured the US Marines, who acknowledged our efforts for Toys for Tots where our attendees provided $35,000 worth of toys to be given to children who would not have received them this Holiday Season.

As a reminder, SFTA does have an event coming up  that I want to make sure that you all are aware of before we start our respective holidays on January 25th. That event is the “New Technologies Educational Summit” that will be held at the Grand Palms Resort in Pembroke Pines where we will have a panel discussion with Tech Leaders from FAU, IBM, Miami-Dade County, Sesentia and our moderator, Asif Malik, who specializes in Cognitive Computing. Please register for this event below before you start your Holiday as we know how hard it will be to remember doing this when you get back to work in early January when we have a few hundred emails on our screen.

Link to Register for “New Technologies Educational Summit”:!event-register/2018/1/25/new-technologies-educational-summit

Finally I’d like to wish each any every one of you and your families a Wonderful and Happy Holiday Season and look forward to reconnecting in 2018!





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