Posted by: mobilitycloud | November 28, 2017

50 Years of Innovation – How IBM Boca Raton Influenced the Tech World – Thursday 11/30 at Citrix HQ FTL!

A Terrific Tech Event from SFTA and ITPalooza – Coming up this Thursday November 30th at Citrix HQ here in Ft. Lauderdale.

How IBM Boca Influenced the World – 50 Years of Innovation

Additional Details Below – Register Today at

Have you signed up for ITPalooza coming up on Thursday December 7th? Be sure to register at as well. Follow us on Twitter at @soflatech and @itpalooza for the latest updates.

You are invited to join the SFTA for the exciting Citrix led panel as we look back and recall the birth and development of IBM in Boca with the people who were actually there!

What Do the IBM PC, the First Smartphone, Citrix & Robots Have in Common?

The answer: these and many more innovations all have roots in IBM Boca Raton.

Citrix is hosting “50 Years of Innovation — How IBM Boca Raton Influenced the Tech World” with the South Florida Technology Alliance this Thursday, 11/30, at our headquarters in Ft. Lauderdale, along with some of the original engineers that made it all happen.

Why you should attend:

  • Free drink ticket and buffet
  • Meet the personalities who helped forge change in the IT world
  • Network with local and region execs
  • Meet local subject matter experts

If you are a full-time student, please email and you may qualify for a discounted ticket price of $15.

Meet the Panel

Dave Bradley – System Architecture – 1975-2004 @ IBM
Dr. Dave Bradley, one of the 12 engineers that developed the original IBM PC. Also inventor of the Control-Alt-Delete command used by every PC user.

Gary Wisgo – Management and Engineering Design – 1976-1994 @ IBM
The engineering manager of the team that developed the worlds first Smartphone, the Simon.

Scott Kinnear – Senior Programmer – 1981-1989 @ IBM, then became VP of Worldwide Products at CITRIX

Pete Martinez – Vice President of Global Business Services – 1975 – 2007 @ IBM. During his 32 year tenure with IBM, Martinez, Vice President of Global Business Services and the Senior Location Executive for IBM South Florida, led a 1,700-person organization composed of consultants, hardware and software developers, industry specialists and sales leaders. Read more




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