Posted by: mobilitycloud | September 8, 2017

Mother Nature Fights Back!

3 Hurricanes

As I write this Blog early Friday morning, it is astonishing to see these unprecedented and simultaneous weather activities going on here in the southern end of the Northern Hemisphere with three different hurricanes, Jose, Katia and of course the one that is capturing the attention of Florida and the Southeast, Irma. On top of this, Mexico just experienced an equally devastating event, an Earthquake in 8.1 range which impacted thousands off their Southern Coast. Let’s also not forget what just occurred just two weeks ago, another massive storm, Hurricane Harvey, which flooded Houston and surrounding areas plus Louisiana by dumping over 50 inches of rain over many areas.

I don’t know exactly what we did to make Mother Nature as angry (yes this is a veiled reference to the Mother Nature Commercials from years ago, here is one of them: as we have, but let’s deal with that after these storms pass, hopefully sooner than later. There is no question that Climate Change and Global Warming are contributing to making it easier for Hurricanes to become more powerful and last much longer than their predecessors, so that will have to be addressed by all of us, again let’s focus on what needs to happen as we ready for Irma to make landfall.

What is absolutely going to have to change is how we deal with Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity as Harvey taught us a very expensive but valuable lesson that we can never be too prepared and what it took as a community to help save and restore as many lives and businesses as possible. The folks in Texas (including Houston), Louisiana along with the nearby States did an amazing job showing their resiliency by helping out and getting people back on their feet, so for that let’s take our (Texas-sized) Hats off for them and hopefully we learned a few things from our great friends out there.

Now to bring this back home for everyone, we are unfortunately hours away from experiencing our own natural disaster and doing our best to keep everything together during this very difficult time. Keep in mind that there is still time to get any last-minute preparations done as very soon we are going to change our operation modes from preparedness to survival. These next few days, weeks, months and years will be difficult, so this is our chance to get our South Florida and nearby communities to collaborate together and restore as much of our personal and businesses assets as well as our infrastructure back to where it once was and who knows, maybe even better with lessons learned.

For those that are not sure what to do, start with this link to and then click on “Get a Plan” to help you create plans for your Family and Business plus you can also download on your Smartphone to help you navigate the multiple agencies that you obtain assistance from. It’s not too late, so don’t delay!

Finally I’m hoping to remain connected during the storm but realistically there may be many disruptions that could last for days and beyond, so any good words of encouragement or prayers for our community would be greatly appreciated. I’ll stay tuned to Social Media (assuming that I’ll have access to power and connectivity during this period), so feel free to reach (as many of you have already done, THANK YOU!) out whenever you would like to me below: Corporate Email Personal Email

954-974-6262 Office/Follow-Me Number

954-560-3974 Mobile/Text

@glenbenjamin Twitter and Skype Facebook LinkedIn

Be Safe Florida, We’ll Talk to You All Soon!



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