Posted by: mobilitycloud | August 25, 2017

Glen Benjamin Makes His Radio Debut on Boca Chamber Radio!

Glen Boca Chamber Ratio

I recently sent out a post that I had made my debut on the radio (yes I have the proverbial face for radio) where I was able to discuss a variety of topics for what I do from a business standpoint. As most of you know, I work with which is a company that is based in Boca Raton, We are quite privileged to be able to support local companies and the community for over 20 years. Our approach with our clients is to provide “Technology Humanized” meaning that we truly care about our clients and their specific needs to help our clients keep pace in this constantly evolving technology world. has always been deeply involved in our local community with a significant emphasis with our home town and is a Trustee with the Greater Boca Raton Chamber (, for which I’m quite active in many of the programs and events that the Boca Chamber offers.

As part of that commitment, I have gotten involved with another platform to collaborate with other members within the Chamber, Boca Chamber Radio ( To support our efforts I was able to record a Business Spotlight to provide a short and concise summary of what offers to clients in the area. Amongst several topics, I discussed how customers need to understand the heightened importance of Cyber Security and how “Connects and Protects” your mission-critical data. I also work with the National Weather Service as I’m considered a “Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador” and I work with the Association of Continuity Professionals, whose role is to communicate the latest news and information about potential weather impacting events to help insure that our community understands Business Resiliency, to help protect lives and safeguard businesses. is also a member of two volunteer, non-profit organizations that I’m a Board Member of, The South Florida Technology Alliance (, a forum to help grow technology in the area and ITPalooza ( who will have the largest technology event of the year on December 7th at the Broward Convention Center.

To listen to my Business Spotlight from Boca Chamber Radio, go to the two Links (two different segments were recorded) below to understand a bit more of what offers from a solution standpoint and connect back with me to conduct an assessment of your business security needs. Since this is radio, your comments and feedback are always welcome, so connect with me at or on Twitter @glenbenjamin

Link to Business Spotlight – Go to Bottom of Page Under Logo, 2 Segments:

1st Segment – 1A

2nd Segment – 1B





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