Posted by: mobilitycloud | July 28, 2017

Is Your Child Achieving in School?

As most of you know by now, I recently joined in a Business Alliance role and one of the strategic practices (and now one of my passions) that I’m helping manage is our K-12 School program. works with schools when it comes to their data infrastructure as well as their bandwidth requirements, which is where this blog will focus on.

The topic today is a federally funded program called E-Rate, which provides discounted Internet and Telecommunications services to Public and Private K-12 Schools along with Libraries, which all falls under the “No Child Left Behind Act of 2001”. The general purpose is to insure that students at K-12 Schools have access to latest technologies including Internet, WiFi and supporting infrastructure so that they can study and conduct testing on their Tablets, E-Readers, Laptops along with a whole host of devices that are proliferating schools today. E-Rate can provide K-12 Schools and Libraries discounts up to 90% for these types of services so that our children can be successful in their overall studies.

Being that E-Rate is a Federal Program, there are policies and procedures that need to be completed in order for schools to qualify, and in the few months that i have been involved in the program, I have seen varying degrees of success in qualifying, but have definitely seen many school administrators confused and perplexed by E-Rate and how to make this work. So if you are one of schools who is considering utilizing E-Rate to insure that your children are able to compete in this new digital world, please contact me here at as we are a Certified E-Rate Provider and can assist you in getting the connectivity your students need to meet and exceed the standards needed for their success in the classroom and beyond.

I’m including two links below from our Website and Blog summarizing how E-Rate works along with a Data Sheet that you can download on the program. Feel free to reach out to me directly for additional information at or 954-974-6262. Thanks! E-Rate Website:

Link to Blog:

Erate Kids


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