Posted by: mobilitycloud | June 28, 2017

Looking to Protect Your Property from Flooding, Try a “Sandless” Sandbag!

By now I would expect that the other South Floridians out there have heard the big secret out there that it’s now…dramatic background music…hitting the crescendo…wait one more beat…now let it out…it’s Hurricane Season! Generally speaking, Hurricane Season occurs between June 1st and November 30th, but as well know, Mother Nature doesn’t always cooperate when it comes to strict windows of time and thus comes the realization that we need to be prepared at virtually anytime and anywhere.

So I have run across a product that offers something quite unique when it comes to being prepared against weather, in this case it’s for protecting against water as this product  can help businesses as well as residences and has multiple use cases as part of its specialized design. What we are talking about are “Sandless” Sandbags, which are much like their cousins made out of sand, but in this case these products are made from a very light fabric and literally weigh just a few ounces until they come in contact with water and “Bam” (or use your own sound effect) these items start absorbing water at ridiculous rates and form a barrier much like a traditional sandbag.

Basically what you need to understand is that these products start at the ultra-light weight and have the capability to absorb about 5.5 gallons of water, which at capacity weighs about 45 pounds so by stacking multiple layers of these bags together, you get the same effect as other sandbags without having to order significant quantities of sand and the water itself causes the bag to expand and become rigid, thus forming a barrier to prevent further flooding.

This becomes a much better alternative to Emergency Managers, First Responders, Hospitals, Government Facilities and of course Data Centers, where all of those gadgets are housed that can’t afford to get wet. These can be easily placed in areas where potential flooding can be expected and have them laid out in a matter of minutes in preparation for water to arrive and help keep the area as dry as possible.

Since this is such an easy product to deploy, this is not limited to businesses but also to you the general consumer as the home uses are also nearly endless as well. Yes we all hate when the sink leaks, the washing machine spews water and I won’t mention the object in the bathroom that decides to overflow (we’ll leave it there) and the mad scramble for towels, sponges and anything else that will absorb water to stop the spreading. Well now in this case you could utilize your “Sandless” Sandbag immediately to start absorbing the water and once the incident is finished, take the bag outside to let it drain and trash it when you are done. According the document attached, this is for a single use and frankly you don’t want to keep this around too long after it’s wet so it doesn’t spread germs collected by the bag, which will last 5 years in storage before it is used.

Needless to say that the “Sandless” Sandbag is the ultimate game-changer when it comes to protecting your commercial or residential property against  flooding and I would highly recommend evaluating the product to see if this would meet your needs. For additional information including ordering the product, please visit (see Sandless Sandbag Video on the website) or contact or call her at 786-356-6047.

I’m including a document as well as some pictures supplied by Amalia below to further demonstrate the viability for Sandless Sandbags for your office or home.

Lets be safe out there this Hurricane Season!

Download Information on Sandless Sandbags:

LatamXport Sandless Sandbags


Pictures of Sandless Sandbags (Top Left – In Dry Storage Bag, Varying Uses in Remaining Pictures)





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