Posted by: mobilitycloud | June 15, 2017

Are You Ready for The New Weather Technology?

For those Floridians that have not been following the latest weather reports (how could you have not noticed the deluge of rain over the past week or so), we are now officially in Hurricane Season. As part of and the SE FL Chapter (there is that Florida reference again) of the Association of Continuity Professionals, we had the privilege of having the National Weather Center (NWS) present to us the latest in weather technology that helps NWS and NOAA predict the direction of hurricanes as well as provide better ideas as to when these storms will make land and watch for storm surge.

What will also make this even more interesting is that the NWS is making this technology tools available on their website so that we will have access to this information at our fingertips as well. The NWS can now estimate a reasonable worst-case scenario (with a 10% chance of those predictions being exceeded at any individual location. The use of this information was invaluable last October when Hurricane Matthew headed towards South Florida and barely missed us but did significant damage to Northern Florida, Coastal Georgia and the Carolinas and I’ll show the metrics on Matthew a bit further down this page.

Key Points about Hurricane Season 2017

  • 42 Hurricane Eye Center’s have passed within 65 miles of Ft. Lauderdale since 1865
  • 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook – By Category (Not a Projection)
    • Named Storms 11-17
    • Hurricanes 5-9
    • Major Hurricanes 2-4

Additional Key Points about Hurricane Matthew and how close it came to impacting South Florida

  • Hurricane Matthew Key Metrics (October 2016)
    • Center of Matthew passed 60 miles east of West Palm Beach
    • Sustained hurricane force winds only 10 miles east of West Palm Beach and 60 miles east of Miami
    • Decision to issue Hurricane Warning was made 36 hours in advance
  • Storm Surge – Wind Pushing Water
    • Storm Surge is Produced by Water Being Pushed Toward the Shore by Storm Winds
    • #1 Cause of Deaths in Hurricanes

Finally the NWS has announced a program that and myself has joined, called the Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador Initiative. The purpose of the program is to have WRN Ambassadors serve as change agents and leaders in their community.  They will inspire others to be better informed and prepared, thus helping to minimize, mitigate, or avoid the impacts of natural disasters. It is very easy to apply to become a WRN Ambassador, which will provide you access to tool-kits of information that you can share (which I’m obviously doing here via this blog) with your organization, community along with friends and family to ensure that we are “Weather-Ready”!

To Sign Up to be a Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador:

Now is a great time to sign up with all of the links on this page so we can be alerted and be ready should a storm be identified by the NWS but let’s not wait for that to occur and let’s get our initial preparations started today by becoming a Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador. Please don’t hesitate to contact myself at our team at if we can be of any assistance. Thanks Future WRN Ambassors!

Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador



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