Posted by: mobilitycloud | May 11, 2017

Dusting Off My CBRM and ACP Certifications

As most of you know, I have joined as a Business Alliance Manager helping drive Business Development with our clients as well as within our Channel Partner organization. That being said, I get to dust off (or renew) some old terminology that I haven’t used in a while:

CBRM – Certified Business Resiliency Manager

ACP – Association of Continuity Professional Certification (Certificate Below)

In truth these designations allow me to simply ask “What if…” in terms of “If” an incident occurs, what plans have you made to handle the issue and what is your next course of action to restore your business operations to partial and full-capacity? To take the term “incident” down to its lowest common denominator, let’s then define that as anything that “Disrupts” your business or impairs your operation, which can be any combination of Systems/Production/Power-Utility/Operations failure or what we are now hearing on all too frequent basis, Cyber-Terrorism. Terms such as Breaches, Hacks and Ransomware are now commonplace and are being directed by organizations that in many cases are better funded than the companies that they are hacking and thus it makes it seem that all efforts to prevent this new type of warfare to be futile, but that is certainly not the case. What needs to be done from a business standpoint is to create a plan to first understand what your weaknesses are and what can be done to fortify and improve those particular areas strategically to help reduce the chances of the “Bad Guys” getting inside and creating all kinds of havoc to your company.

Take note that I intentionally did not mention weather or storms as part of the introduction which was not done to imply that hurricanes are less dangerous than Cyber-Crime, but as a transplanted Floridian, that topic tends to get less of a reaction down here until the storm is about to hit the shore and then the lines at Home Depot stretch for miles. All we have to remember is Hurricane Matthew just a few short months ago when it made an “Exit Stage Right” and missed a direct hit on South Florida by a scant 30 miles but ravaged the northern coast of Florida near Jacksonville as well Georgia and the Carolina’s, which caused severe damage to those affected areas.

So as part of my new role I have renewed my participation with ACP for the SE FL Chapter, which covers Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties and I will be active with that team over the coming weeks and months and will sharing those details, so stay tuned on that. For those of you who do not know what the ACP does, their organization’s Mission Statement is “Everything we do professionally and as an organization is dedicated to protecting lives, safeguarding businesses and fostering community resiliency”, which is a pretty good starting place if you ask me and I have listed their website below if you would like to read further.

Finally in terms of what I’ll be busy promoting from a perspective, will be our solutions surrounding Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery as a Service and Backup and Restoral Services. I’m listing a blog by our CTO Nick Russo below as well, which offers a bit more detail on those topics for your review.

Yes I’m aware that Hurricane Season is around the corner however let’s not make this our only goal to solve as we all need to have resiliency in our organizations at multiple levels, so feel free to reach out to myself and our team so can help you put those plans in place to keep your businesses up and running in spite of the obstacles that can get in our way. To reach me directly, please use or 954-974-6262 so we can schedule time to discuss these or any other issues so we can keep your data connected and protected. Thanks! Glen

ACP (Association of Continuity Professionals) International Website: CTO Nick Russo discussing Business Continuity and DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service):

ACP Certificate of Membership – 2017

ACP Certificate of Membership - Glen Benjamin_1


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