Posted by: mobilitycloud | March 31, 2017

Glen Benjamin Joins Host.Net


I’m excited to share with you with what I think is really good news which is that I have decided to take a position with a company that most of you in the South Florida area should know about, Host.Net. My role will be to help deliver a portfolio of Managed Solutions for both End-User Clients and Business Partners, a portfolio of  Services including Cloud and Co-Location, along with Connectivity within our Data/Co-Location Centers.

I’ll be dusting off my title as a Certified Business Resiliency Manager (that is certainly a mouthful) to focus on Business Continuity with a significant focus on insuring that the lifeblood of every business, which is your Corporate Data, is safe and secure. Our goal at Host.Net is to insure that YOUR organization’s Data and Information is constantly Connected as well as Protected and Backed Up should any event that disrupts your business and does not cause you to lose this precious information.

I’ll be in a heavy learning curve over the next few weeks and months as Host.Net has many Products and Services for me to catch up on but let’s not let that get in the way of getting re-connected during this time to see if we can offer your company any solutions to help ensure that the Data that runs your business does not get compromised and if an event does occur, that we can help you recover that information quickly.

My phone numbers remain the same so you just need to remember a new e-mail address below that is pretty simple. I also want to extend a sincere Thanks to my friends and co-workers from DirecLogix, who I spent the past year with and wish them nothing but the best as they were terrific to work with.

Best Regards, Glen

GBenjamin@Host.Net E-Mail

954-974-6262 Office/Follow-Me

954-506-3974 Mobile/Text Website




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