Posted by: mobilitycloud | January 30, 2017

The Next Technology Revolution – IoT!

So I have to start this blog with #tbt moment, I was very jealous to follow what was being announced out of CES 2017 in Las Vegas (knowing what goes on there…) regarding devices for IoT (Internet of Things) that were rolled out earlier this month. A plethora of smart or connected products that provide measurements for just about any type of data to be collected and analyzed. Items featuring Healthcare, Manufacturing, Automation, Energy Management, Transportation, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality amongst many others have been around for quite some time and the inflexion point is right in front of us as this is expected to rapidly grow in a very short time. Network Providers will certainly have to be stepping up their capacity as this insatiable demand for the “Always-On” Connectivity and then of course this data will need to be stored somewhere, thus Cloud Computing is this next natural hyper-growth segment that will be impacted and by the looks of things, AWS, Azure, Google and others will be ready for the task, especially for Enterprise solutions.

Where the biggest concern might be are for Consumer simply looking to “securely” connect all of these devices in their home, as that might be the biggest challenge for most of us. If you look at some of the new products introduced at CES this month, the only limitation to these IoT devices is your imagination as the capabilities are staggering. Items such as Smart Ovens, Toothbrushes, Blinds/Curtains, Mirrors, Tables, Beds/Pillows, Food Processors, Fragrance Dispensers/Air Purifiers (really?), Lawn Mowers,  Pet Feeders, Sprinkler Systems and a whole host of other products designed to Automate your home. All of these devices will measure practically everything that goes on in and around your home and yes I skipped Door Bells with Camera’s, Perimeter Security Systems, Thermostats as those have been embedded for the past couple of years.

Again all of this sounds great except for one slight problem, are any vendors offering a complete end-to-end Consumer-Oriented Network Security system to keep those nasty hackers out? If you are connecting these plus all your appliances (yes Refrigerators, Ovens, TV’s, Washers/Dryers are all in play) within your home network without any form of a Firewall/Intrusion Protection, Anti-Virus Program to cover all these items, then of course you are asking for trouble. I’m including a link on Keeping Hackers Out of Your Smart Home below, which are good common sense tips that you should use (Change Default Passwords, Update Firmware, Remove Unnecessary Devices etc.) to protect yourself. Notice that I’m not discussing Enterprise platforms at this point as many of the large Service Providers either already have programs in place to handle this or are ready to deploy infrastructure for organizations starting to utilize IoT, so we’ll skip that for now on this blog.

I’m not seeing too many vendors offering Home Networking Security Systems just yet, just a couple of smaller companies so that’s my (and our) big concern. That being said I’m hoping to see some bigger and better things when it comes to security as frankly Consumers will not adopt many of these products unless they feel safe and secure with all of this connectivity going on around us.

The good news (at least for South Florida) is there the upcoming IoT Evolution Expo coming to the Broward County Convention Center on February 7th – 9th where we will potentially see probably a zillion more of these products coming to life with hopefully a complete Network Security Platform that we can use at our homes to at least give us some peace of mind that the 16-year-old next door is not hacking into my network and creating all kinds of havoc with any business applications that I’m actually trying to use in my corporate world. For those of you in the area, I would highly recommend attending this event to learn the latest in IoT whether for Business or Consumer offerings along with what levels of Security can be providing in this relatively new but growing industry.

For those planning on attending the IoT Evolution Expo, I would like to connect with you to see what your plans are for IoT/Cloud/Mobility/Data Center and of course Security to see what we can do to assist your efforts. Also for any providers that are offering solutions specific to IoT Security, feel free to respond to this blog and share any information or contrasting views so we can all learn more about where IoT is headed and how we can get safely and securely. Thanks!

Contact: or 954-974-6262

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IoT Evolution Expo – February 7-10 – Ft. Lauderdale – Registration Link Below:





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