Posted by: mobilitycloud | January 11, 2017

A New Approach to Data Security – Gemalto

Happy New Year All!

Like most (if not all) of you, I took some time off during the holiday season to recharge the batteries for 2017 but did carve out a few hours in between a few dozen bowl games to finish up Certifications for Veeam (Technical Sales Professional) plus Gemalto (Sales Professional), which is very important for those organizations looking to secure their Data.

As part of Gemalto’s training, they speak about how their product line provides multiple layers of protection by offering security in both the Core as well as at the Edge by providing Data Encryption, Crypto Management and Enterprise Authentication for organizations of all sizes. Gemalto also talks about Perimeter Security alone is no longer enough as your Data is the new Perimeter as Malicious Outsiders and Insiders are potentially your biggest threats to consider. Understanding that in 2015 there were over 700 million reported (can’t imagine what was NOT reported) records breached, which amounts to 22 records breached EVERY SECOND, that should get you to sit up in your seat and be concerned.

Data records Lost or Stolen by Industry starts with Government followed by Healthcare along with Technology, Retail and Education as the biggest offenders. When you also consider that the FBI shows that 50%-80% of these attacks originate from BEHIND THE FIREWALL, so your Data is completely exposed if those internal users walk off with your highly valuable information.

The Three Steps that your organizations need to follow to secure your Data is:

  1. Encrypt and Secure Data – Data at Rest and Data in Motion Encryption
  2. Own and Secure Keys – Crypto & Enterprise Key Management
  3. Control Access – Strong Multi-Factor Authentication

These type of discussions need to work in Physical, Virtual and Cloud environments so regardless of your infrastructure, this needs to become top of mind when a Breach occurs, just ask the DNC what impact the alleged Russian Government Breach has done to their opposition assessment of the President-Elect, not pretty right?

We here at DirecLogix are here to help you with determining what type of solution would work best for you, so please contact me at so we can start preparing an assessment for your organization. Happy New Year!





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