Posted by: mobilitycloud | December 30, 2016

Happy New Year – Let’s Be Safe Out There!

As we close out a tumultuous Tech Year of 2016 where we have seen huge advances into Virtual Reality, Internet of Things, Cloud, Agility, Mobility but still have concerns about Security (heard any rumors of another major Hack lately?), well in just a couple of days we get to start with a fresh slate in 2017. Also keep in mind that we have a new Administration taking over in a few weeks, which could speed up or alter Technology trends faster than we have seen before, much more to follow.

Knowing that many of us will be celebrating New Year’s Eve in a matter of hours, I’m sending a reminder that we need to be on our own high-alert status to be aware that those of us who have taken a drink or know someone who has been drinking, to please keep those folks off the road this weekend or frankly at anytime they are impaired to drive. Even though fewer people are driving drunk (see Miami Herald article:, there are far too many accidents related to impaired/distracted drivers and this is the time to be especially vigilant.

Besides utilizing ride-sharing services like Uber or Lyft to get people home safely, AAA is also offering their Holiday Safe Ride Program ( where AAA reminds motorists to travel safely and drive drug- and alcohol-free when hitting the roads. For those who do plan to drink, AAA urges them to take safety precautions in advance: designate a non-drinking driver, call a cab or stay with a friend. You can also contact AAA if you need a safe ride home, by calling 1-800-AAA-HELP (800-222-4357) for assistance.

Please enjoy your New Year’s Celebration, let’s just be sure that you are mindful of people who don’t belong on the road, so please use the resources listed above to assist you in finding alternate travel or better yet, have a designated driver ready to assist you in getting home safely so we can talk again next year.

Happy New Year All!




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