Posted by: mobilitycloud | December 12, 2016

3D Imaging with the World’s Worst Model Ever, Me!

While attending ITPalooza last week, I had the chance to experience a wide range of cool Tech Solutions during the event besides helping manage our DirecLogix Booth along with Red Hat and got to speak to lots and lots of folks about Open Source solutions plus I was also able to moderate a session hosted by Microsoft on how Azure can assist developers on IoT solutions that are first coming to market. On top of all that I also had chances to hear our keynote sessions from Centrify and Amazon Web Services and learn the latest on their view of Security and Cloud as well as test out Virtual Reality and take a test drive in a Tesla (only in my dreams) but alas, I didn’t get a chance to win one.

Naturally it was a long and tiring day until one of my colleagues told me to head over to the 3D Imaging Booth sponsored by ZeroPoint3D ( as they would take a 3D image of me in their booth in a matter of a few minutes, which sounded easy enough. Knowing that I’m not the best looking model that ever ventured into their booth, I took the challenge of standing on a rotating podium and probably within 1-2 minutes the pictures were completed and another couple of minutes, the rendering was finishing and voila, there was a 3D Mini Me image of myself on-screen! I did make the suggestion of cropping me out of the picture and using People’s latest Sexiest Man Alive, Duane Johnson, but they left my image on-screen instead.

All of this occurred in under 5 minutes of time and when you think about the applications that can be available with this very new type of device, it can be one of the most disruptive technologies ever created. Think about Healthcare with a dentist being able to fit caps, moldings, implants and dentures almost immediately without having to wait for a lab or how about creating prosthetic limbs for disabled people all virtually on the spot without having to wait on a laboratory to ship to their facility. 3D Printing can potentially have a tremendous impact in the entire $13T (that’s T as in Trillion) Manufacturing Supply Chain by being able to create new or replacement parts by scanning them in and producing the new part in a matter of minutes or hours at a significantly lower cost then through traditional manufacturing supply chains. There is much more coming down the road when it comes to 3D Printing as how it will potentially impact all types of industries in the not too distant future. Feel free to contact me at to see if your company would benefit from any of these or other technologies that you are planning for in 2017 or beyond.

Finally I’m including a few different views of how ZeroPoint3D actually did the scan of me (good thing they didn’t scan my brain, way too cluttered in there) and what the process looked like. Click on the links below and just make-believe that it’s Duane Johnson instead of me to hopefully give you a better looking view of 3D imaging. Thanks!

View a 3D Scan of Glen:

Link to View Creation of 3D Image at Booth :

Pictures of 3D Creation including Glen with 3D “Mini-Me” Plus Final Image Below:






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