Posted by: mobilitycloud | December 1, 2016

DirecLogix and Red Hat – Talking Adaptability vs. Agility at ITPalooza Thursday December 8th!

We are 1 week away from ITPalooza ( where we are gathering the best in Technology in South Florida to talk to our 2,000 attendees about where they see Tech moving to in the near and long-term future. Now is the time to register at to join us to ensure your seat at the biggest Tech Event that we have seen down here in some time plus registered attendees will also receive a chance to “Crack the Vault” and win a Tesla, besides being the coolest car design concept that we have ever seen but also the car that contains the top “Tech” on the road today.

ITPalooza has broken down the top tracks into discussion points featuring Cloud, Security, IoT and in today’s post, I’ll bring up Agile, which DirecLogix will be engaging with Red Hat at our booth in the Exhibit Hall. Agile (or Agility) is generally defined as “The Ability to Change” which if you look at today’s business world (of which Technology is helping drive an enormous amount of innovation) which is constantly evolving. While Agility is a trait that we would want to be very good at, Red Hat defines that term as “Adaptability” which defines the end-state of digital transformation and they consider the only true source of “sustainable” competitive advantage. This becomes a function of where utilizing Middleware will help organizations attain a competitive advantage and where Red Hat JBOSS BPM Suite can make a significant impact across your Lines of Business and many different functions that exists in most companies. Be sure to go to the bottom of this page and download the White Paper on Red Hat JBOSS to learn more.

We will have several different Red Hat Sales and Engineering resources at the DirecLogix booth in the Exhibit Hall at ITPalooza and we welcome you to visit us to see how we can help your organization in terms of Agility as well as Cloud, Virtualization, Storage, Open Source, Management and any other topic of interest to you. Please visit us at ITPalooza or feel free to contact me directly at to schedule time with you to discuss your Technology needs. Thanks!




Click to Download – Red Hat JBOSS Continuous Planning Optimization:



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