Posted by: mobilitycloud | November 14, 2016

Red Hat – Why CIO’s are Looking at Open Source Solutions

I’m receiving questions from the Tech Community about how Red Hat has been so successful in providing services, so I wanted to share what we have seen in my relatively short tenure here at DirecLogix with some of our joint account opportunities. For those not aware, Red Hat is the leading provider of Open Source solutions which relies on a community-powered approach for virtually most infrastructure services including Linux, Cloud, Virtualization, Middleware, Storage, Business Rules/Automation and Systems Management, amongst several more of their product lines.

Essentially what separates Red Hat from other providers that you might be dealing with is their approach to working with clients with a simpler, flexible purchasing model that is very appealing for those looking to deploy applications without having to deal with Vendor “Lock-In” and utilize a Subscription Model based on OpEx instead of complex CapEx purchases. In a recent Tech Survey it was revealed that 78% of Enterprises are running some form of Open Source software and what makes Red Hat a solid bet in this area is that they make those types of applications including 3rd Party ISV’s and OEM’s “Certified” to operate within the corporate environment, all at a much lower cost than purchasing from Vendors directly. Be sure to download the brochure, “Red Hat – The CIO’s Alternative” at the bottom of this page to learn more about what Red Hat can offer you.

For those looking for a deeper dive into Red Hat and their Open Source solutions, please be sure to visit the DirecLogix booth (Gold Sponsors) at ITPalooza ( on Thursday December 8th at Signature Grand in Ft. Lauderdale where we will have their Sales and Technical Support Team with us to discuss your needs. We will have the “Who’s Who” of South Florida Tech at ITPalooza plus as an added incentive, each attendee will be given a chance to “Crack the Vault” and win a Tesla, so what are you waiting for? Please register today at to get your chance to learn about Red Hat and how DirecLogix will help support your organization’s technology requirements. Please feel free to contact if you want us to set up a meeting at ITPalooza or at your office to do the “Deeper Dive” in person. Thanks!



Download Copy of Red Hat – The CIO’s Alternative Brochure:



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