Posted by: mobilitycloud | October 26, 2016

DDOS Attacks and Malicious Ransomware Prevention – IPR International

Can you believe the irony of last Friday’s DDoS attack happening during National Cybersecurity month? Showcasing the importance of cybersecurity from mass attacks on IoT Devices, the mass outage of many websites on Oct. 21 left individuals and businesses of all sizes stranded without access to major sites. These sites included Twitter, Shopify, Reddit, Amazon, Spotify, Netflix, The New York Times, CNN, and more.

In speaking with an old pal in the Data Center Business, Gregg Goldstein, he filled me in not only what his company, IPR International, had to deal with last week but what they are doing with clients on an ongoing basis. Gregg manages IPR’s Global Sales and National Accounts to help insure that their clients are protected 24/7/365 from these types of malicious attacks, which are becoming more and more prevalent not only to individual consumers but all the way up to Enterprise clients.  

For those not aware of what IPR does in terms of Ransomware, here are some of the features offered that they offer in summary: 

Defeating Ransomware:

Eliminate The New Threat to Your Business Uptime – Without Paying Ransom

·   Restore your files in minutes WITHOUT PAYING RANSOM

·   Keep your employees working with no downtime

·   Reduce stress on your IT team

·   Create backups of all your files in real-time

·   Deploy true disaster recovery that eliminates disruption

What is also interesting is that IPR is very much similar to DirecLogix in how we manage our customers as they also offer a “White Glove/Concierge” type of approach to insure customer satisfaction in all things that we deliver to clients.

If you are interested in a no-cost consultation on DDOS/Ransomware or any other Data Center Services including Co-Location and Dedicated Private Cloud, please contact or


Map of Impacted Areas from DDOS Attacks 10/21/16







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