Posted by: mobilitycloud | October 25, 2016

My Visit to the Ingram Micro Solution Center

I recently had the pleasure of attending a top-notch technology event held at Ingram Micro, the world’s largest wholesale distributor of information technology products, which provides thousands of products to businesses across the globe. The event was held at their Solution Center in Buffalo (thankfully the Dolphins salvaged all the bets that I had to make against their passionate Bills faithful I met there) where we taken through many of their featured programs that their Partners (DirecLogix is one of them) are supporting their clients initiatives around Security, Cloud, Mobility and Social to name a few.

The highlight of the event (no, not the Roller Derby Night at Riverworks) had to be the tour of their Solution Center, taking us behind the scenes with how they can help set up a Proof of Concept (POC) with their major providers so they can show you how your specific applications will work with those respective products and solutions that they offer. Manufacturers represented (with a few pictures below) includes Cisco, Dell, HPE, IBM, APC, VMware, Citrix amongst other brands are hosted in this center.

POC’s are not the only services offered as you can also take advantage of these (but not limited to) services such as:

• Live and remote-access product demonstrations
• Manufacturer-sponsored training
• Live, remote training sessions via WebEx
• One-on-one technical briefings
• Proof-of-concepts for current inventory
• Multi-manufacturer environment with integrated solutions
• Online training classes
As you can see, Ingram Micro does bring a lot to the table to help organizations understand how to leverage the latest in technology products and services and our team at DirecLogix is here to help you throughout the entire process including technology acquisition along with deployment as well as helping you manage that infrastructure on an ongoing basis.


Feel free to contact me at so we can help you fine-tune your technology needs and how we can assist your organization. Thanks!


Pictures of Ingram Micro’s Solution Center

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