Posted by: mobilitycloud | October 7, 2016

Matthew Skirts by South Florida – Will There be a Son-of-Matthew?

Those of us in South Florida were extremely lucky that according to the weather forecasters, the eye of Matthew was about 30 miles east of the projected “Cone” and had minimal damage to Miami-Dade and Broward Counties, however it is having major impact to Central and North Florida as I release this with potential landfall in Georgia or the Carolinas. Heavy rainfall and storm surge is now imminent for those areas and as we have learned in the past 48+ hours, these storms are totally unpredictable and you need to take heed of the warnings that are being disseminated via TV/Radio/Internet/Social Media as this is one of the most dangerous storms in recent memory.

Speaking of being unpredictable, the latest forecast shows that Matthew may take an “Exit-Stage-Right” after it gets past North Carolina and potentially turning back south and quite possibly head back to the Southern Florida area. I can speak on behalf of the rest of Florida as this is one “Tourist” that we would prefer not return and would rather that he take his business to the cooler waters in the Central  Atlantic where it will hopefully fizzle out. That being said, now is not the time to take your guard completely down, so keep a lookout after the weekend to see where Matthew is headed. Those of you who put up your storm shutters may just want to keep those on until we are given an all clear by the appropriate authorities just to be safe.

For those companies who were able to either test or actually implement their Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery plans over the past few days and found potential issues or concerns on how those worked, feel free to contact us at DirecLogix to let us help you assess your BCP/DR plans to ensure that you have the proper services in place to keep your business running. Please let us know what we can help you with any of your Data Center Services including Storage, Backups and Security during this critical time.

Please Be Safe!

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Latest Track for Hurricane Matthew:



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