Posted by: mobilitycloud | September 9, 2016

From IT Geek to A New Slice of Life – Paulie Gee’s – Now Open in Miami!

It is with great pride that we can finally announce that, after a very long and patient wait,  Paulie Gee’s will be opening tonight here in Miami!!! For those that don’t know that back story and #tbt moment, Paulie Gee is my cousin who like some of us, masqueraded as an IT Geek for many years until he was given a retirement package and had to ask himself the proverbial question, “What do I do next?”.  Well what Paulie did was follow his passion for cooking, entertaining and most importantly, making pizza and spent several years developing the ideas around creating his restaurant concept along with the ingredients for making the perfect pie.

Along the way he did Pizza Road Trips with his family to learn how other restaurants created their menus and cooked their foods and with loving nods to many other chefs, Paul Giannone (Paulie’s alter ego)  went down the path of creating “Paulie Gee’s” and the rest they say is history. In addition to his latest restaurant opening in Miami, Paulie Gee’s has locations in Greenpoint Brooklyn (the Mother Ship) as well as Baltimore/Hampden, Columbus OH/Short North, Chicago/Logan Square and a Slice Joint coming soon back in Brooklyn.

Paulie says that he  no longer “works” every day but instead puts his passion for pizza to the purpose of pleasing his guests with not only the best Wood Fire Baked Pizza that you can find, but also include an enjoyable environment for the entire family to sit back and grab a pie. Paulie Gee is an inspiration for many of us including his family as he made the transition from IT Geek to Pizza Geek and we wish him nothing but the best as he and his partners build a Paulie Gee’s hopefully near you soon!

One final thought, as I could certainly couldn’t include the entire Paulie Gee’s journey in a short blog like this, so I’m including several YouTube videos below that Paulie was featured in including his interview with Jane Pauley that done in conjunction with AARP and NBC’s Today Show about his Pizza Epiphany. Take note how “shy” Paulie is when talking about his mission and hopefully his message that will also be an inspiration so that you too can follow your dreams and do what you love and love what you do. Ciao Paulie!

Website: or

Twitter: @pauliegee


Paulie Gee YouTube Videos:

Jane Pauley with Paulie Gee on The Today Show – Your Life is Calling:

AARP – Life Reimagined:

A Family’s Secret Recipe:

For the Love of Pizza, food.curated, Paulie Gee’s:

Diary of a Foodie, Paulie Gee’s Pizza:

Paulie Gee’s Pizza Maker Interview at Pizza Expo:

Second Act, Paulie Gee’s:

Chef’s Night Out with Paulie Gee’s:

 Picture of Paulie Gee and Paulie Gee’s Miami

Paulie Gee Picture



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