Posted by: mobilitycloud | September 6, 2016

Tech Ads from 1993, The Predictions Were Amazingly Close, What Do You Predict?

Over the (way too short) Labor Day Weekend I ran across this series of AT&T Commercials from way back in 1993 that were showing off their predictions on what the future would look like in the not too distant future. These commercials fell under the sub-title of “You Will” and were voiced over by Tom Selleck (yes young folks he was popular that far back as well) and gave us glimpses of how AT&T would help deliver these technologies to us.

These clips showed us the wonderment of “Borrowing Books”, “Fax from the Beach”, “Not stopping for Directions”, “Paying Tolls”, “Purchasing Concert Tickets”, “Video Phone Booth”, “Opening Doors”, “Medical History in your Wallet”, “Selecting Movies from your Screen” and finally “Remote Meetings and Learning”. So my #tbt moment was that I worked for AT&T during this time frame and vividly recall this series of ads and also thought that this was not going to happen in my lifetime and of course now looking back just a handful of years ago as these are have been around fairly recently. My only question is did AT&T actually bring these technologies to life, we’ll lets save that for another blog.

So now bringing this back to our current state of technologies and where we see things evolving quickly utilizing Cloud, Mobility, Big Data, IoT and how all of these platforms are changing our behavior right before our eyes, has anyone seen those nomads chasing Pokémon Go on their mobile devices? Virtual and Augmented Reality certainly can help us in the Gaming segment but also in medical environments where ‘Bots/Devices can assist with Remote Visits to patients that can’t obtain adequate healthcare and help practitioners diagnose and treat illnesses remotely.

Other applications include Smart Homes (yes a camera in my fridge is exactly what I want to see from my living room sofa), Drones that can take video from practically anywhere (forget the privacy implications) along with self-driving trucks, which has dramatic impact on the 14M commercial truckers on the road today. Again keep in mind that all of these advances come with a price as we still need to understand the security, privacy, data exposure and probably more importantly, the politics (yes this is an election year) of managing the multiple platforms being developed that IT will have to struggle to manage.

There is lots to understand so let me get a quick, shameless plug in for an event occurring very quickly that much of these topics will be presented (maybe not completely answering, but it’s a start) on December 8th in Ft. Lauderdale, ITPalooza ( Topics related to Cloud, Mobility, IoT and Me will be presented plus we will have the Who’s Who in technology at this event and we invite those who would like to attend to register at: and just as importantly, we are still looking for companies that want to sponsor the event so feel free to reach out to me at and I’ll be glad to assist. See you at ITPalooza!

 AT&T You Will Ads from 1993 – Amazingly Accurate Predictions – Videos Below


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