Posted by: mobilitycloud | August 8, 2016

Peyton Manning Talks Goals & Tech at CompTIA Conference

I had the opportunity to attend the CompTIA/ChannelCon ( Event last week in South Florida and for a Football and Tech Geek, it offered the best of both worlds. First things first and let’s talk Football, which is right around the corner, finally!

One would have to be right when questioning why have Peyton Manning as your keynote speaker at a technology conference, well he certainly is not technical by any stretch but does bring a tremendous amount of competitive drive and focus on the will to win, which translates nicely in the competitive business world. Peyton spent quite a bit of time discussing his career from college to professional football and describing all the obstacles along the way, detailing how much he did to overcome his serious neck injury and how he had to evolve his game specifically to help his Denver Broncos win Super Bowl 50.

There were many lighthearted moments when Peyton either stepped away from the podium to describe his first collegiate huddle as well as commenting on his many commercials that he continues to be featured in. My favorite moment came early in the session when he referenced that he owns several Papa Johns franchises and that with the recent changes in Colorado law (do you really need to look this up?) that pizza/snack sales have continued to grow tremendously, so he appreciates all that extra business.

Peyton was also very proud to discuss his PeyBack Foundation, which he set up early in his career to help raise funds for disadvantaged youth to help kids develop leadership skills and help find growth opportunities for children at risk. A large portion of the keynote address revolved around assisting our youth in learning how to best complete in this new and evolving marketplace and yes IT plays a huge part in those efforts. I’m going to do a separate blog on Kids and Education in a few days as I also attended sessions at this event on future “disruptive” technologies as the IT industry is changing so rapidly that we need to start thinking about what our kids need to learn in the coming years so they are not shut out of this new world order that maybe here in a decade or less.

Here is a link on the PeyBack Foundation, so kudos to Peyton and his Team not only being a Two-Time Super Bowl Champion but also being a class act by giving back to his community. Thanks Peyton!!!

Peyton Manning Speaking at CompTIA/Channel Con Below:

Peyton Manning CompTIA


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