Posted by: mobilitycloud | July 15, 2016

Do Customers Buy Technology Solutions or Business Outcomes?

I don’t normally provide feedback on courses that vendors offer but I have to give some major props to Cisco for a recent class that I took called Selling Business Outcomes (SBO). Your first reaction is probably “they are showing how to sell Cisco technology”, which actually was not true but more on how to work with clients to help understand how to align business outcomes with their business goals and objectives.

The SBO course is centered around shifting from a traditional vendor sale that is more product and feature driven to one that is focused on becoming a solution provider and ultimately a trusted advisor for the client. As part of the course you are also asked to utilize concepts that are not new to most of us, KPI’s, CSF’s (Critical Success Factors) and probably most importantly asking questions to understand what the client’s key stakeholders are looking for in terms of what success looks like for their department if the proper business outcomes are delivered.

There is obviously a whole lot more that was contained in the coursework that is extremely relevant towards today’s technology which as we know has moved significantly over to Cloud, Mobility, Analytics and everybody’s favorite (which is probably how you are finding this Blog), Social Media. As a student for this course I had to sign an NDA which prohibits me from sharing specifics on what SBO contained but I can say that whether you are certified with Cisco or not, I would highly recommend taking the course to give you a view as to what Cisco believes that we should all be collaborating on in terms of delivering meaningful business outcomes that will positively impact their business.

Speaking of certification, I am proudly displaying my Cisco Certified Business Analyst logo to recognize this achievement and look forward to assisting those who are looking at technology solutions that deliver business outcomes for their organizations at Thanks!



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