Posted by: mobilitycloud | June 29, 2016

Moving Your E-Mail to The Cloud with Office 365, What Else Should You Know?

Even though this is an Election Year, I don’t normally throw out Paid-Political Announcements on vendors but when someone provides a true value proposition that I can share with my clients, then I’ll go ahead and make an exception, in this case for Barracuda Networks.

My only interaction with Barracuda goes back a few years ago as an anti-spam provider perspective, which is when I first heard about them and what I just learned recently from their local Channel Team is that they do a whole lot more. So besides fighting off those nasty or unwanted messages with their Spam Firewall along with Web Filters they help keep your environment safe from the bad guys and simplifying your IT World. Where Office 365 is concerned I learned that Barracuda is helping protect those headed to the Cloud for their e-mail (which is exactly what Microsoft is promoting and preaching to us) as Office 365 does not offer all the layers of protection that you might need, so pay close attention here.

Barracuda advises that if you are using native Office 365 without additional protection that this can expose your organization to significant increases in spam, viruses, malware and damaging phishing attacks. Administrators also need the ability to archive/backup/retain lost/deleted e-mail files to help insure compliance with your security requirements.

All of this applies if you are using any of the Cloud providers such as Azure, AWS or Google so if you are currently using or considering using Office 365 for your e-mail needs, please reach out to me at I’ll coordinate a call with our Support Team to understand your messaging requirements so we can provide you some options specific to security/backup/archiving for your organization.

Video from Barracuda Essentials for Office 365:


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