Posted by: mobilitycloud | June 10, 2016

HPE Discover – HP Elite X2 to X3 -Hands On

As part of HPE Discover, I was able to return to some of my old roots (more to follow below) and get to see some of what HP Inc. has on tap right now plus what they plan on introducing late summer.

First they showed us the HP Elite X2 1012 2 in 1 (but wait there’s more!) model that is a combination of a Tablet and Detachable keyboard that looks eerily like a Microsoft Surface Pro however it comes with all the great bells and whistles of an HP Elite Product, including 115,000 hours of testing, Mil-Spec Certifications, HP Sure Start/BIOS and Field Serviceability. As someone who has used a Microsoft Surface Pro3, I can validate that HP Elite X2 gives you the flexibility to use the use this device in either a Data Consumption (Tablet only with a rugged kickstand) or Data Creation (with attached keyboard) modes but I will say that the keyboard for the X2 is very much like a standard HP Elite keyboard and much more rugged than the Surface Pro version, so it gets the edge for me.

Next HP showed their featured new product, the HP Elite X3, which takes connectivity to a whole new level. They are taking a 6″ Windows Smartphone and combining that with the ability to put it in a small docking station that will connect to a monitor/keyboard/mouse and still allow it to make/receive calls while in the docking cradle to maximize productivity. Speaking of making and receiving calls, HP will allow you to capability to use 2 different SIM Cards so you can have both a Business and Personal profile on the device with 2 different phone numbers, which looked quite cool but do I need another phone number in my life, we’ll save that for another day.

What might be the best feature they showed us was allowing the X3 to wirelessly connect to a notebook which is really a terminal that has no OS or storage and allow you to extend the X3 Smartphone to a full-sized notebook and give you all the functionality that we all depend on and use the processing power contained in the X3 which includes virtual applications by using HP Workspace, so nothing is ever left on the notebook/terminal and if you are running a pure virtual app, then the Smartphone is basically acting like a Thin Client with nothing left behind their either, so a very nice design if I must say so myself!

One final commentary on the Smartphone/Docking scenario was something that I worked with Celio with their RedFly Mobile Docking Station along with Citrix to promote Mobility while I was at Sprint. The RedFly was a 9″ Docking Station prototype that offered the ability to connect via Bluetooth to Smartphones way back when and gave us a glimpse of what was to come just 6 years later. A big shout to Adam Marano who was leading the charge with Citrix Mobility and his two kids, Callie and Alden plus my granddaughter Alyssa, who was featured at the end of our goofy video, “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?” which Adam put together to promote the Citrix/Sprint alliance and I lovingly called “SprinTrix”. Our kids have grown up quite a bit as well as the Mobility world, so it’s fun to watch where this started just a few years ago.

I’m including a few pictures of the HP Elite X3 from the event plus links to HP Elite X3, Celio Redfly and 5th Grader Videos for your viewing pleasure. So now the big question, are ready for Mobile yet?

HP Elite X3 YouTube Video:

Celio Redfly YouTube Video (December 2009):

Citrix Mobile Solutions and Celio Redfly – Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader Video:

Pictured (Left to Right) HP Elite X3 in my hand, X3 in Dock, X3 Notebook/Terminal


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