Posted by: mobilitycloud | June 9, 2016

HPE Discover -Be Disruptive Or Else!

Today’s General Session at HPE Discover covered “Disruptive” technologies such as Cloud, IoT, Mobile, Big Data and what HPE has named, “The Machine”, which is the new compute model that has been incubated for the past couple of years will be previewed in the coming months. After we were given updates about those topics, things really changed as the guest speaker, Luke Williams, gave us his opinions about being disruptive, which was not geared towards technology but more about we need at look at our business’s direction to determine how we can create more value or wind up being pushed to the side as a more nimble competitor “disrupts” our business and risks our livelihood before you even know what exactly happened.

Luke used an example in talking to the a former leader of Polaroid or Kodak (I forget exactly which photography company that he said) when he asked them a few years back about how they were going to tackle the dramatic shift in digital imaging that had just started to occur and that business leader responded, “would you tell a car mechanic to change a fan belt while it was running?” referring to the analogy that “why fix something that is running well”? Well as we all know by now, the dramatic shift in digital photography with newer cameras and of course smartphones literally caused Polaroid and Kodak to practically shut their doors (although they have limped along) as they were much too slow to adapt their business while they were overtaken by this new “disruptive” technology that we all carry in our pockets each and everyday.

In short, Luke suggested that we all look at our businesses and commit to being the leader to change the direction and create new value and not just rely on what has worked before but what will help you from being “disrupted” before it’s too late. I’m showing a couple of Luke’s slides that provide his contact information and recent publication naturally called “Disrupt” and Twitter handle (@lukegwilliams) plus his 5 keys to help you craft your disruptive hypothesis and how to fine tune and deliver your pitch.

Let’s Go Disrupt Today!


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