Posted by: mobilitycloud | June 8, 2016

HPE Discover – Mobility is Everywhere!

As the title of this blog suggests, just about everywhere I looked and everywhere I walked, which according to my Google Fit App, was about 16,000 steps or 7.5 miles of walking through the monstrous Venetian/Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas, Mobility was displayed or discussed prominently throughout HPE Discover.  We also heard much about IoT (Internet of Things) along with Mobility as being the “new” disruptive technologies (I think we heard the Uber reference no less than a dozen times throughout the day) and those that are not considering these platforms could be looking at their competitors gobbling up their customers before very long, so the gauntlet was thrown out early and often on Day 1.

I visited a few booths (I doubt that I made it 25% of Transformation Expo Floor so I have a lot to make up in the next 2 days) to learn about what HPE is doing specific to creating mobile apps plus I attended the session offered by Citrix and Microsoft which featured XenMobile and how Citrix will be using Azure to host that along with XenDesktop and many of their other applications.

Again lots more to report, stay tuned for the latest Tech being discussed at HPE Discover!




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