Posted by: mobilitycloud | May 26, 2016

Tech Data – Data Center Xperience/Solutionscenter

I recently had the pleasure of attending a Partner Event at Tech Data where I was able to take an on-site tour of their Data Center Xperience and Solutionscenter, which I must say is a Techie’s dream. Tech Data features the leaders in the Data Center Tech Space from Cisco, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Brocade, VMware, Oracle, CA, Intel, Microsoft, IBM, HP Inc., Symantec, Dell amongst many others that will allow users an upclose and personal view of these systems and applications to see how these might operate in your corporate environment. What was also intriguing is that several of the vendors had this set up in a classroom style setting to demonstrate the capabilities but also so they can train the Tech Data employees on their utilization as well.

My thanks to the Tech Data Team for providing me a glimpse into Solutionscenter as this was quite eye-opening and enjoyable. For those who are in the Tampa Bay area, I would also recommend contacting your Tech Data Representative to arrange a tour or feel free to contact me and I’ll be glad to connect you with the appropriate team. Thanks! Glen



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