Posted by: mobilitycloud | April 29, 2016

Are you using Social Media to the best of your ability?

I attended the first day of the Florida State Minority Supplier Development Council 31st Business Expo (@fsmsdc or and participated in a session simply called “Social Media Boot Camp”, which Techies like myself would figure that “I know what I’m doing on-line” but after spending time in this very interactive session, even I had to re-think if I’m doing this right or not. First let me give props to the presenter/instructor, Jewel Burks, who uses several handles (which probably means that she knows what she is doing) such as @jewelmelanie, @partpic (a company that she co-founded, more on that later) along with #acceleratewithgoogle as she does represent Google as well.

The web can be a strange and mysterious place but as long as you understand some of these basic principles that Miss Burks provided us, you too can share your message out in CyberSpace without reservations wondering if I’m communicating appropriately. Obviously common sense dictates on what you should be sharing, but seems to go out the door when you post 100 times a day what you are having for breakfast/lunch/dinner during your hourly feedings.

  • Did you know that 90+% of B2B Customers are researching on-line before purchasing?
  • Figure out what your brand is and uses multiple platforms i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, SnapChat etc. to share that with your audience
  • Syndicate your posts or use programs like HootSuite or to reach across platforms and have uniform messages
  • Get Your Business On-Line – or – Update your Business Information including contact information and logo on-line to insure that buyers can find you
  • Consider SEO/SEM to help get your business listed in Search Engines
  • Customers are Social too! Get on the web using your personal and business data, remember “People do business with People”, so don’t be surprised that you phone will ring more if people learn more about you and how you do business
  • Consistently track your success on the web and see what are customers doing on your site with
  • Make sure that your website for mobile users including touch, are you able to click on all buttons or links on your site or will a frustrated customer give up if they can make a purchase simply and easily?
  • PageSpeed Insights will provide feedback on your Web Site Performance along with suggested fixes –
  • Monitor what is said about you or your company (Good or Bad) by creating alerts at:
  • Use Video like YouTube to target customers with relevant content
  • Google is working towards a web that includes everyone:

PartPics Video with Jewel Burk “How YouTube Changed My Life”:

Frankly I learned quite a bit that I wasn’t aware of when it comes to presenting you or your company on-line and I’ll be starting to use some of these suggestions immediately to insure that I maximize my efforts when using Social Media. Again a Big Shout Out to Jewel Burks (@jewelmelanie) for conducting a wonderful session today! As always, your feedback and suggestions are welcomed.


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