Posted by: mobilitycloud | April 26, 2016

Personal Interaction in an On-Line World

Over this past weekend I had the thankless task of trying to get my wireless phone reactivated due to a service issue that had been plaguing me the past few days. Like most of us “Techies”, I rarely resort to picking up the phone (in this case it would have been a landline since my wireless was non-functioning) to call a Customer Care organization, so instead I’ll try on-line tools or FAQ’s and then go to a “Chat” session, which is what I did here. I pasted the end of the transcript here as the service agent thanked me for my business and I have highlighted here comments below specific to her “personal human interaction” comment, which caught me off-guard.


Actual Transcript of On-Line Chat:

Hailey A. : To make sure I got everything covered, is there anything I can assist you with?

You : I can make and receive calls, we are good, Thanks for all the help!

Hailey A. : Awesome! I’m glad I was able to lead you to the path for the resolution of your concern, Glen.

Hailey A. : It’s nothing much for a valued customer like you.

You : you certainly did, Thanks and have a great weekend!

Hailey A. : I appreciate your patience and cooperation spent on this Glen. Even though we are here in the context of business, I appreciate that there is still a sense of personal human interaction and we can still talk things out as person to person.

Hailey A. : If you require assistance in the future, please don’t hesitate to chat with us again.


At first glance I was taken back by her comment “…there is still a sense of personal human interaction and we can still talk things out person to person” which initially I thought was tongue in cheek but when I sat back and thought about, is this really becoming our norm not only in business but our personal lives as well? I frankly prefer chat over phone as I get to avoid sitting on hold and listen to multiple prompt requests and of course the awful elevator music generally piped in while waiting for “the next available agent as your call is very important to us” spiel and assumed that chat is less personal as you can’t hear voice inflexions or tone when someone is speaking.

As we morph into a completely Digital Society and I as a Techo-Geek do support our evolution into this new world but am definitely do have concerns as to what our younger generation will expect their interpersonal communications to be. I guess my biggest concern is that we are raising our kids to keep their heads down either by texting or using their PlayStation’s or XBox’s and not even looking at people that they are talking to.

Maybe this is the new world, but is this really person-to-person communications or not? Well you are reading this from my blog, so I guess that we are communicating right?


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