Posted by: mobilitycloud | April 21, 2016

Intel Cutting 12,000 Jobs – Cloud and Mobile the Culprit?

In reading about the recent announcement that Intel, the worlds largest chipmaker for computers, is laying off 11% or 12,000 workers is certainly quite painful (especially for yours truly who also recently went through a layoff) to see this industry stalwart not have the vision to adapt quickly enough to where the Tech Industry is going. Why Intel was not able to make the pivot from PC’s to Mobile/Tablets/Devices/IoT quickly enough while the PC market (where they made over 60% of their profits) continued to dwindle is mind-boggling considering how everyone was going Mobile and other processor-makers got significant traction with their chips.

Intel did report that their IoT Group reported a 22% growth and their data division up 9% but obviously not enough to overcome the significant drop due to lagging PC sales. A real shame that a company of Intel’s magnitude did not get the memo about Cloud and Mobile surging ahead and very sorry to hear that 12,000 people had to lose their jobs due to the lack of insight by the leaders of that company.

CNN Article on Intel Layoffs:



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