Posted by: mobilitycloud | April 14, 2016

Getting Technology in to the Hands of the Disabled

I recently saw a news video showing how amazing that technology has come for the disabled, which was fitting an amputee with a prosthetic hand that could open and close the fingers, thus giving the user the ability to enjoy many of the simple things in life that we all experience today. We are also seeing countless other examples where implants for deaf people are giving their hearing back and yes there are devices and implants that giving blind people the ability to recover segments of their sight, which is all truly amazing!

The advances in all the different forms of technology, especially in healthcare can be truly spectacular (let’s not have a discussion on how well health insurance is keeping up with these demands) but I hope that we don’t lose sight that many other disabled or elderly people are simply not being given access to even the most basic of technologies that might allow them to communicate better with their friends or families to help them lead richer and fuller lives.

This brings me back to a couple of videos that I’m listing below that are both a few years old and probably quite dated but they both struck me way back when as to what just a little bit of TLC and using the right mix of tech, we can help connect them to a world that they have long missed and bring some well deserved joy to them all. The first video is of an elderly gentleman who had someone put a pair of headphones on his head to play music from when he was growing up and how that instantly changed his entire being by becoming animated and yes, more alive. The doctor that is speaking during the clip is Oliver Sacks, the actual doctor that the Robin Williams movie “Awakenings” was based on. The second video is much more spectacular, of an autistic girl who after about 11 years of frustration of being unable to communicate, was suddenly using a keyboard and was transformed into someone who could tell us all her true feelings in a very intelligent manner.

Both videos are heartwarming and enjoyable to watch, so forget the tech for a minute and think about someone you might know that needs help or you haven’t communicated with in a while and simply call them to say hello! I bet that you will feel better for doing so!!!

Old Man in Nursing Home Reacts to Hearing Music From His Era

Non-Verbal girl with Autism speaks through her computer


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