Posted by: mobilitycloud | April 7, 2016

Red Hat Partner Conference – Getting My Feet Wet Fast

I had the privilege of attending the Red Hat Partner Conference this week in New Orleans, which was my first exposure to Red Hat and I have to say that I was truly impressed with the scope and breadth of the solutions that can be delivered through their vast arsenal of products and services. For those of you (like myself just a few days ago) not aware of what Red Hat actually does, they provide open source solutions through a community powered approach that is fully certified and available through their global network of Enterprises, Partners and their Open Source Community. For companies that are developing on Linux (or migrating from Unix to Linux) Red Hat offers solutions that can cost-effectively impact Public/Private/Hybrid Cloud, Middleware, Storage and Virtualization or basically just about anything contained in a Data Center, so after 2 days of attending every available session that was offered at this conference, my head hurt after trying to absorb all of this information.

Forgetting all the technical jargon for a bit, we had the chance to listen to their key leaders within Red Hat (see my picture below with their CEO Jim Whitehurst) as well as IDC not only talk about how business demands are driving changes in IT (has anyone heard of Uber?) forcing companies to be more agile, efficient and driving innovation or they won’t survive very long (remember waiting to get your photographs being developed at a film store?) by not evolving in this new world. Open Source Technology is proving to be a key strategy within business today to helping enable disruptive technology in all types companies with no end in sight. It was pointed out over and over that Uber, Netflix, Craigslist, Spotify, Napster, iTunes, Nike (wearables), Ally Bank amongst others have turned their industries upside down and much of that is supported by the Open Source Community to help them get to market faster as well as being very cost-effective vs. proprietary systems that force vendor lock-in.

We were also given a ton of industry metrics that at times would make anyone’s eyes gloss over but I must admit that when Darren Bibby (@darrenbibby) from IDC put this stat on-screen, I had to stop and take notice:

From PCs to Mobile Devices

  • Over 80% of computing devices shipped are mobile
  • Smartphones and Tablets is a $520B market
    • 2X Enterprise Hardware ($258B)
    • 1.2X Enterprise Software ($436B)

As someone who has followed the Mobile market (hence the title of my blog), I found this fascinating as well as confirming what we all know, work and play occur anywhere at anytime so we better have a well thought out plan to include mobility, otherwise our competition could literally drive by us while we wait for the dust to settle here. What I also found out (much to my glee) is that Red Hat is now introducing a Mobility Partner Program of which yours truly has already nominated himself to be one of the first participants so I can help engage across the entire suite of Red Hat products and of course with the new Mobility Program that will also be using Open Source technology as their platform.

Obviously much more was covered over the 2 days during the conference but I can clearly share with you that I was truly impressed with what Red Hat laid out in front of us plus the support that I received from their Channel Team was fantastic in helping me get up to speed on Red Hat as quickly as I did, which was no easy task for a newbie like me! I’ll continue to work on my certifications (already have a handful nailed down with more to follow) so please feel free to engage my DirecLogix Team or myself on any Linux/Red Hat opportunities so that we can assist you with solutions that will make a difference to your organizations.

Thanks, Glen

Glen pictured with Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst (@jwhitehurst) at the Partner Conference

Red Hat CEO & Glen


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