Posted by: mobilitycloud | March 25, 2016

A SmartWatch, To Wear or Not To Wear?

So the Geek in me has been looking at this relatively new phenomenon that’s been out on the market for the past few years called the SmartWatch, which I’m starting to see being worn on a regular basis. According to the attached article, some 17 million of these devices were sold last year with all kinds of rapid growth being projected by the industry pundits so the question I have to ask myself (as well as the audience either viewing this on their PC/MAC/iPad/Tablet or heck even their SmartWatch) is whether I really need to wear one or not? As someone addicted to their SmartPhone like I am listening for clicks, buzzes, chirps, burps and a 1,000 other sounds that this thing makes for notifications (I do put the device on vibrate anytime I’m outside my car or office so it’s not a complete distraction to others) so I’m constantly updated on what is going on in my world, whether there is value or not in the message.

So I guess my basic question to those that have not deleted this message by the time you have reached the 2nd paragraph of this post, does the Poster Child of ADD (yours truly) really need a SmartWatch or will this just require me to join De-Caff Anonymous so that I retain what little sanity I have left or go ahead and take the plunge with a SmartWatch purchase and spend my days examining my wrist to find out that I’m 5 minutes late for my last conference call?

Comments and suggestions are welcome, just keep ’em clean folks. Thanks, Glen

Link to Baselwood 2016: Can you spot the smartwatch?



  1. I think they’re right up there with socks worn with long socks… 🙂 miss you buddy!


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