Posted by: mobilitycloud | January 31, 2015

A Strong Fabric: How business partners boost student success

Contact Magazine

If anything defines today’s college students, it’s their goal to graduate with a job, a career-track job. But a good job in a student’s field of interest doesn’t happen by accident. It requires a college curriculum that matches employers’ needs. It also helps if these same employers are involved in developing the job candidates they want to hire.
Luckily, Palm Beach State College students have more than 400 local business partners in their corner.

Business partners play a crucial role in many aspects of the College, but nowhere is their influence more hands-on than in their close working relationships with Palm Beach State’s 100-plus career programs and bachelor’s degrees. These professionals, volunteering as members of the College’s business partnership and program advisory councils, act as external eyes and ears that make the programs better – and better able to support workforce demands.

“Woven into successful programs is a very, very strong fabric of business advisors,” says Rick Reeder, associate dean for Palm Beach State’s…

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