Posted by: mobilitycloud | November 27, 2012

Benjamin Robbins does a great job describing Bitzer Mobile, who offers a different “twist” on MDM and BYOD which CIO’s and IT Directors should listen to as they can securelly “wrap” your Enterprise Applications in a container to protect your infrastructure.


Greenfield and enterprise do not usually go hand-in-hand. Enterprises have spent years, if not decades, building up systems, processes, and the applications to support those endeavors. The introduction of mobile shouldn’t throw a major wrench into those systems. Unfortunately, for many organizations mobility represents either an add-on to existing enterprise systems or severely feature-reduced tool. Bitzer Mobile’s Enterprise Application Mobility solution provides a way for enterprises to fully leverage mobility and their existing technology infrastructure.

Bitzer’s Enterprise Application Mobility (BEAM) solution is comprised of three main components, a secure container on the device, a gateway server, and an admin console. These three components working in concert provide a unique approach to enterprise mobility.

The secure container is achieved through app wrapping, Wrapping an app consists of adding a layer of code around an existing mobile app after it is compiled, but before it is signed with an enterprises own distribution…

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