Posted by: mobilitycloud | November 4, 2012

Powerless New Yorkers Find Creative Ways to Charge Gadgets

As someone who recently spent 2 hours in line to participate in “Early Voting“, I really have no room to complain as our friends (and in many cases our family) are struggling to get power back into their homes and businesses in the Northeast. Leave it up to these industrious New Yorker’s to remain connected by “borrowing” their neighbors power outlets and wide open WiFi connections so that they can remain mobile and connected during the recovery from Super Storm Sandy. I’m sure these lines are 1,000 times more frustrating than the Early Voting line I sat through, but at least they didn’t have to hear the local commissioners or sheriffs ask for their vote while we stood in these unbearably long lines to perform our civic duty.

Undoubtedly the manufacturers who sell solar-powered battery chargers will be getting a zillion of these products up to the NE (if they haven’t done it already) so our friends won’t have to stand in line to charge their phones or tablets and instead can go stand in line Tuesday to vote on Election Day so they have to bear the waiting like the rest of the country. How’s about a big Shout-Out for Electronic Election Day that would allow us all to securely and safely vote for our next set of elected officials and help prevent more of these never-ending lines. Now that’s something I would vote for today, ahh but wait, I would have to stand in line to actually vote for that, so maybe next time!

On a serious note, please be sure to sure to donate to the victims of Hurricane Sandy who really need our help by visiting the American Red Cross at this link  or Texting to REDCROSS to 90999 for a $10 Donation.

Let’s Go Mobile Safely and help our friends up North!

Article and Pictures of New Yorker’s Finding Power to Charge Their Gadgets

Powerless New Yorkers Find Creative Ways to Charge Gadgets

Hurricane Sandy knocked out power for most New Yorkers below 39th Street. But an outage didn’t deter those iPhone-Android-clenchers and Wi-Fi-seeking nomads. Many people trekked uptown to (creatively) make use of power sources.

Chase ATMs were crammed full of people who brought extension cords. And, conveniently, Starbucks left its Wi-Fi open despite closing all of its stores.

Here’s how New Yorkers went all MacGyver to get the juice for their phones and a reliable Wi-Fi signal.

Forget the ATM, This Bank Has Outlets

“We’re helpless without our phones! More people congregating over FREE POWER in the wake of Sandy. Chase was kind enough to offer multiple power strips in the ATM area.” – ginanigido

Not 1995

“Payphones occupied.” – vmegatrn

Chips and a Charge

“Right now I’m in the corner store charging my phone because I still have no power.” – myswag_khalil

iPhone Cords Spill Onto the Floor

“#TheEndIsHere” – danehurt

Truly Genius

“#NOPOWER but Thank god to my daddy’s work #van. ..WE GOT T.V and #changing [sic] #outlets.” – stephdarwiche

Chase Bank Is Literally the Hot Spot

“Party at Chase! B.Y.O.SurgeProtector! #NoPower #LowerManhattan #Sandy.” – tifftheabstract

Plug-In Pow-Wow at the Chase

“Determination.” – AmandaWills

Bar Is Open for Charge

via jenniferdopazo

Closed for Business, Open for Wi-Fi

“Every Starbucks I’ve seen is closed, but completely flanked by people. Why? It’s still the best WiFi in NYC.” – rembertmanx

Forget Caffeine, We Need the Net

“Starbucks is closed but their wifi is up.” – scottkolb

BONUS: We Commend You, Grill Master

via ovaska


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