Posted by: mobilitycloud | October 2, 2012

SFTA 20th Anniversary of The SmartPhone Event – Must See Mobile TV!

For those of you who weren’t able to attend the SFTA Event last week at Citrix where we celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the SmartPhone (created and developed right here in South Florida), here is the link to view the entire video:

I make an early appearance in the video (fast forward to the 5 Minute Mark) where I’m promoting the 2nd Annual SFTA Golf Classic to be held Friday November 2nd at Jacaranda Golf Club, go to this link for further information: Our purpose is to keep our strong technology-focused momentum going and to also have you enjoy a day on the course under the Clouds while networking with the South Florida “Cloud Makers” and Technologists! I’m certainly not the star of the show, as that really belongs to our SFTA Leader, Lenny Chesal with Host.Net and the moderator of the event, Chris Fleck with Citrix along with this esteemed panel of mobile technologists.

The video does run 1 Hour and 35 Minutes so if you can’t view this in a single sitting, Fast Forward to the times listed below to watch and listen to the panelists as each brings their perspective on how they got started and what they look for when new ideas are presented to them to help develop Go-To-Market strategies. Be sure to watch the final 10 minutes as the wrap up from the event as the panelists offer their opinion on the future of mobile and most agree that everything will be mobile in the not too distant future.

Let’s Go Mobile Safely!

John Sculley (58:34) Former CEO of Apple, now South Florida Tech Investor
Jerry Merckel (30:15) Led the initial Simon SmartPhone concept at IBM
Scott Moody (48:57) Founder of AuthenTec, bought by Apple for $365 Million
Jamie Borras (37:30) Former SVP & CTO at Motorola inventor PushToTalk

Chris Fleck (11:57) Moderator, Lenny Chesal President SFTA

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