Posted by: mobilitycloud | September 8, 2012

Steve Elliott wih Elliott Consulting, talks about his stint working behind the scenes at the City of Tampa’s Emergency Operations Center for last week’s Rebublican National Cenvention.



The 40th Republican National Convention was held in Tampa, Florida from August 27th – 30th, and ACP’s Steve Elliot had a unique ring-side seat for this event.

Elliot, ACP’s Corporate Director of Membership and Programming, helped staff the City of Tampa’s Emergency Operations Center as the City’s Business & Industry Liaison at the ESF-18 Private Sector desk.

“Even though the City had worked with the County, State, and Federal officials for almost two years in preparation for the convention, it still came as a bit of a shock when we saw Tropical Storm Isaac make the turn up into the Gulf of Mexico just days before the convention was to start,” said Elliot. “We had certainly considered the possibility of a storm hitting Tampa during the convention – after all, this is August in Florida – but there is always a difference between a drill…

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