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I have been writing the Mobilitycloud.Me Blog for quite some time on a variety of topics that relate to the fast growing industry of mobile services, apps, device management and Cloud Computing. In today’s post however, I have run across a topic related to mobile that has caused me to stop and listen a bit closer to what one person has done to make a true difference. I’m speaking about serial philanthropist Charlotte di Vita, the founder of Whatever It Takes (WIT).  WIT’s mission is simple — to help alleviate poverty and hunger in developing nations and to contribute to the protection of the environment.  Ms. di Vita has gathered original artworks from celebrities and  world leaders to produce “merchandise with a meaning”. The licensed merchandise is then sold to help raise funds for other global charities.

Ms. di Vita was inspired to create WIT back in 1992 while visiting Ghana where she had to be treated for a sudden illness.  As a patient, she got to see, firsthand, how deplorable the conditions were. With the help of her good friend, Minnie Driver, she started soliciting every celebrity that she could, starting with Prince Charles. She sent out over 22,000 letters to reach her initial goal of 250 celebrities and now boasts over 600 members today. Participating celebrities are asked to create an original piece of artwork that is then turned over to licensees to be marketed and sold with portions of the proceeds going back to the charity.

The reason that I took special attention to this program is that, for the first time that I can remember, artworks donated by celebrities for charity is being produced specifically for mobile devices starting with stylish cases for iPhones, iPads, e-Readers and Android Smartphones.  In the US, the case business for iPhone’s alone is estimated to be $340 million, so all I can rhetorically ask is… Who among us would be against looking good while doing good?

In speaking with Mark Mesrobian, President of Complete Sourcing Solutions, the exclusive Whatever It Takes distributor in the US, he remarked that….”We’re excited to be able to participate in such a worthwhile program.  Our unique celebrity designs set us apart from “me-too” case suppliers, and the charitable aspect of the program makes people stop and listen to our story.  Nowadays, people are more socially conscious and love being able to make a difference.”

If you are wondering what celebrities are contributing, Ms. di Vita has garnered the “A” List in pop culture, music and the arts including the likes of: George Clooney, Paul McCartney, Samuel L. Jackson, Sir Roger Moore, Whoopi Goldberg, Nicole Kidman, Green Day and Susan Sarandon and many, many more. Moreover, the charities being supported include some of the largest fund-raisers in the world such as: International Red Cross, Oxfam, UNICEF, St. Jude’s, Adopt-A-Minefield and Nelson Mandela’s Children’s Fund.

To learn more about what the charity is doing and gets to see the complete lists of the celebrities, charities and merchandise being offered, please visit  To date, the charity has raised over $4.6 million for charity and is looking to drive that number much higher with your help. In addition, the products are available at all Verizon Wireless stores, online at and at I am including several brochures that you can download plus the below link to a YouTube video. This YouTube video describes how Charlotte di Vita got started, and how she has truly made an impact in many, many lives across the globe. Thank you!

YouTube Video featuring Charlotte di Vita, Founder of 21st Century Leaders Foundation  & Whatever It Takes (10 Minutes)

Download WIT Catalog 2012

Download WIT iPhone 4S 14 Images

Download WIT Motorola RAZR Cases GD, CT, SD (1)

Download WIT Samsung Galaxy S III Gel Shell All Images


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