Posted by: mobilitycloud | July 21, 2012

In the wake of this horrible tragedy, I’m reblogging this piece from Regina Phelps. As unfortunate as the situation is in Colorado, it is a very timely and worthwhile message. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends affected by this deranged gunman.

Business Continuity Planning & Emergency Management

I have found myself over the past 24 hours thinking about this event off and on…the horror of it, the senseless killings, the lives forever changed….we suddenly are a nation of people all shoulder to shoulder, touched by these killings, and trying to make sense of it.

What is recommended when a traumatic event turns your world upside down?

It is not unusual to have bad memories or dreams. You may avoid places or people that remind you of the disaster. You might have trouble sleeping, eating, or paying attention. Many people have short tempers and get angry easily.

These are all normal reactions to stress.  It may take time before you start to feel better.

You may have strong feelings right away. Or you may not notice a change until much later, after the crisis is over. Stress can change how you act with your friends and family. It…

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