Posted by: mobilitycloud | June 26, 2012

Can iPads pull Miami Dolphins out of their doldrums? Maybe there’s an app for that?

The news that the Miami Dolphins as well as other NFL Teams are coming out of the Dark Ages and moving their huge playbooks to iPads seems like an idea well past due. To think of an industry looking to get an edge anywhere they can is not novel as like many other sports they catalog every frame of film showing opponent tendencies, grading player performance and detailing every formation and play that the team runs, which explains why the sheer volume and weight of these documents would hurt us un-trained athletes if we had to lug these around all day.

What I find a bit amusing is that the Dolphins in this case have threatened a fine of $10K should the players, most of whom are highly paid and are in the Sports/Entertainment Business, access an unauthorized website while using the iPad, which I assume is owned by the team. Those of us in the business community that have been working with all the different mobile devices like iPads, Tablets, Notebooks, Ultrabooks etc. can spot a potential hole in this policy pretty quickly would you say? Just consider your company’s data as Intellectual Property which is no different from what is contained in an NFL Playbook.  Also consider that your competitors would salivate at the opportunity to get their hands on the information contained on the device or in your data center and what damage you would could inflict to your company by doing so. Believe me a $10K fine would be the least of your worries as the loss of the data or damage to your brand should your employee (or your 2nd String Extra Point Kicker) post something inflammatory or worse yet, download unauthorized data.

I know that I’m playing this up a bit but would you seriously allow your employee unfiltered access to your corporate data and just threaten him or her with a fine should they violate your stated policy on a device that you own? Even if this is Employee-Owned you should still have a BYOD policy in place to protect not only your company but also your company’s reputation should said Employee/Athlete/Place Kicker do something naughty. I’m curious to see how this “Plays” out for the Miami Dolphins and whether we hear of anyone getting fined for not following policy and who want’s to bet that Chad Ochocinco is high on that list?

Oh and by the way if you can infiltrate the New England Patriots intricate Playbook and figure how they pulled off Spy-Gate with the guy in the Hoodie, all bets are off! Let’s Go Mobile!

Team-issued devices could be used for so much more than just studying the playbook

June 23, 2012|Mike Berardino, Sun Sentinel Columnist

DAVIE — There was some big local sports news this past week, but it got lost in all the hubbub over the Heat.

Seems the Dolphins, fresh off three consecutive losing seasons, have finally decided to join the iPad Generation.

Instead of lugging around playbooks the size of the New York City White Pages, players now have their team-issued iPads updated with new entries.

“It’s convenient,” wide receiver Davone Bess said. “Every day we were getting stacks and stacks of papers with the installs. Now they can just download them on the iPad and it’s there — Bam!”

So the Dolphins won’t be killing as many trees under Joe Philbin as they did under Tony Sparano.

Then again, some players were already downloading video cutups of their next opponent.

I remember Dolphins lineman John Jerry telling me about that in 2010, and you see where that got him.

Still, this new approach truly brings the Dolphins into the modern-day NFL.

“I love it,” Dolphins running back Reggie Bush said. “It makes it so much simpler, and obviously that’s where technology has taken us nowadays. It’s amazing, and I’m glad we got it.”

The bad news?

Players get slapped with a $10,000 fine if they wander into (ahem) any unauthorized Web sites.

Gorging themselves on YouTube during team meetings won’t be tolerated.

Nor will Chad Ochocinco be able to satisfy his 3.5 million Twitter followers with minute-to-minute updates on his bodily functions, at least not on his team-issued, GPS-enabled device.

Maybe that’s why Bush, asked to name his favorite iPad application, hesitated before admitting he’s partial to “Words With Friends.”

Left guard Richie Incognito?

“Playbook,” he deadpanned. “The playbook is the new app of choice.”

Ah, but there’s some good news for Dolphins players, too.

I have come across a list of pre-loaded apps sure to guide this franchise out of its doldrums.

What, you didn’t think Apple had an app for that? Hey, there’s an app for everything:



  1. Glen,

    Great observation. I wonder if they gave them training for password protection as well as armed the devices with an antivirus software.


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