Posted by: mobilitycloud | May 18, 2012

South Florida Business Leaders – Volunteers Needed for JA World Huizenga Center

It’s not often where we all get to help with a project that impacts not only the community at large, but also one of our most precious assets, our children! In this case we have an organization completing its 3rd year of partnership with Broward County Public Schools, namely Junior Achievement at the JA World Huizenga Center, located on Broward College in Coconut Creek. JA World opened in August 2009 to help 5th and 8th grade students learn to become entrepreneurs by running a business and learn how to manage a budget with the money they earn through curriculum provided by JA. Last year 36,700 students were brought through the program where they are taught how to “Reach for a Brighter Future”.  This encouraged each student to be successful not only in school but in life after graduation.

What this means to you as a business leader is that the program is continuing to grow and thus we need volunteers to help us get these students started at JA World. Volunteers are needed to help guide, assist, and facilitate students in a specific storefront during their on-site simulation in JA BizTown or JA Finance Park. The time commitment is approximately 5 hours and may vary per school schedule, but generally start time is 7:30am and 9:00am.  The first 45-minutes of the day will include all the training you need to help the students successfully navigate the “real” world.

To help you understand more about what a day at JA World Huizenga Center will do for the students, I’m attaching this Volunteer Guide that you can download plus I would recommend that you view the YouTube video at the link below so you can see the program in action. Your interest in helping these students succeed in the program at JA World Huizenga Center is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions, please contact JA Board Member Sonya Hinds at 954-308-6714 or

Thanks again for your interest in becoming an integral part of JA World!

Download JA World Volunteer Info

JA World YouTube Video

JA World Website



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