Posted by: mobilitycloud | April 4, 2012

Reconnecting the Mobile Worker at The Office – Steelcase


As a long-term mobile worker who works from home or more realistically planes, trains and automobiles, I like the comforts of a 30 second commute from my bedroom to my home office while grabbing a cup of coffee during my transit, In my recent travels I have run across a company that understands that some companies still need to offer non-traditional comforts to attract today’s new modern worker through an ever-changing talent pool. The company is Steelcase, which offers a comprehensive portfolio of workplace products, furnishings and services with a specific vision of connecting virtual and traditional workers in an un-tethered world (i.e. see my blog tag line 🙂 ).  Steelcase is asking the question to senior executives across the world which is, Can your company handle the global, mobile, nonstop reality of business today?

Steelcase’s believes that business is increasingly a team sport that leverages technology to cross borders and time zones. Work is more interconnected and more complex than ever. Our work environment is the pivotal place for helping us navigate this new business world. This new workplace must address the diverse ways people are working today. It must support enhanced collaboration, the essence of knowledge work. It needs to inspire and attract people to work at the office instead of the coffee shop. It should nurture personal wellbeing, and leverage organizational culture and the company’s brand. Overall, this workplace must make the most of every square inch of an organization’s real estate.

The principles that they believe that companies need to ensure an Interconnected Workplace are:

– Optimize every square foot of real estate – Enhance collaboration as a natural way of working – Attract, develop, and engage great talent; people really want to work there – Build the company brand and culture – Help improve a person’s wellbeing

Now when you start to think how mobility has become such a huge facet in our daily lives and yet Steelcase wants to encourage those workers to collaborate in this new business environment, finally we have found a company that understands the whole interconnected world. In speaking with one of Steelcase’s Strategic Account Managers, Francisco Ramirez, he told me that, “Today’s companies have to learn how to expand into other markets and most of the time global markets all the while understanding different cultures and generations.  We at Steelcase help companies with these issues through first being students on ourselves through Research/Insights/Applications/ and ultimately products that can help the evolving future either in a tethered or untethered world weather a small or large company it’s important to LOVE HOW YOU WORK!” 

I’m very impressed with what Steelcase has to say about merging the different cultures that has sprung up over the past few years that have caused many a CEO/COO/CIO a restless sleep night after night trying to figure out how he can accommodate the new mobile worker, so Steelcase gets my early vote in the new ideas and design of the Office of The Future.

For questions on Steelcase and what products and services they can offer you or your company, please contact Francisco Ramirez at or visit their website at


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