Posted by: mobilitycloud | March 14, 2012

From IT Computer Geek to Pizza Impresario – Your Life is Calling

In my typical blog posts I tend to write about companies or services in the IT business that I think my followers would find interesting or relevant. In today’s blog I’m writing about an individual who used to be in the IT business who found his life calling a bit later in life and is now reaping the rewards in his new role, as the owner of a pizza joint in Greenpoint Brooklyn. Paul Giannone, who we all lovingly know as Paulie Gee, has made a splash in the pizza business after leaving the IT industry to find his true passion, making the best wood fire baked pizza in NY in his restaurant quite naturally called Paulie Gee’s.

Paulie Gee’s just celebrated his 2nd anniversary at his location and has gained a fair amount of notoriety for his specialty pizzas along with the ambience of a small and cozy pizza restaurant as he has been featured in many local news articles and reviews which has been fun to watch. All of this changed yesterday as he was featured in an interview with Jane Pauley on the NBC Today Show as she did a piece with AARP on how Paulie found his niche and no longer “works” 7 days a week, but instead puts his passion into his creation. Knowing Paulie as long as I have, which is practically my entire life since he is my cousin in case I failed to mention that earlier, has been wonderful to watch him create his “Pièce de résistance”. Sometimes we need reminders that there are things in life worth having a passion for and after watching Paulie build this idea over many years and then produce something that he can share with many others, well folks that’s a concept that I think is also worth sharing with you all.

Hats off to Paulie Gee, his family and his staff for this well deserved recognition on how one person can find their life’s calling at any point in their life and following their dream. Ciao Paulie Gee!

To find him on Twitter, he is @pauliegee

To view the Today Show interview with Paulie visit:

To view the Serious Eats video with Paulie:

To view the video that I made at Paulie Gee’s:



  1. Thanks for all the kind words Cuz.




  2. Very nice Glenn – sorry I missed you when you are up. Hope to see you the next time. Mary Ann


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