Posted by: mobilitycloud | February 24, 2012

Glen Benjamin – New Role at HP


I wanted to take a moment and share some very good news is that I have been re-hired by HP as a Partner Business Manager based out of Miami. My role as a Partner Business Manager with HP will be to support one of our larger National Distributors, Systemax (Which owns Tiger Direct, CompUSA, Circuit City amongst others) to drive B2B Revenue for the HP PSG (Personal Systems Group) Organization. My focus will be multi-threaded using combination of core business such Desktop, Laptop, Notebook PC‘s as well as Workstations. In addition will be highly focused in specialized speciality areas such Thin Clients to support Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Digital Signage and Point of Sale Solutions.

I wanted to extend a sincere “Thank You” for those of you who sent me your encouraging thoughts or ideas over the past few months while I was looking for new opportunities and for that I will be eternally grateful. As I look forward to this new chapter in my career, I will continue to share my thoughts on Cloud/Virtualization/Mobility by broadening my scope to also start looking the new devices being developed, many of which we haven’t seen yet. I’ll keep an eye out on the new Mobile Thin Clients, Ultrabooks and other new devices and applications that will let us securely access our personal and professional data anywhere at anytime and I’ll continue to look forward to your comments and suggestions on the blog.

Once again I thank you for your continued support. Best regards, Glen



  1. Congrats!! Happy to hear the news! Best wishes in your new role!


  2. Congrats, Glen. Happy to hear everything worked out. Being in a similar situation, I can appreciate the value of a supporting friends and community. All the best in your new role and I am looking forward to your continued insights.


  3. Very good news Glen. So happy for you. Congratulations


  4. Congratulations Glen:
    I never had any doubt that you will get what you where looking for, You have all the merits for your new “JOURNEY”
    Congratulations and lots of LUCK!!


  5. Congratulations Glen, You have a lot of knowledge to share with HP and their customers. All the best in your new role!


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